Mosaic adopts GoldSpot discovery to work on Gaboury project, Canadian Business Journal

Montreal, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mosaic Minerals Corporation (CSE: MOC) (“Mosaic” or “The Company”) is a leading technology company, Gold Spot Discoveries Corp. (TSX-V: SPOT). ) Has been adopted. Leverage artificial intelligence and data science to transform the mineral discovery process and apply unique machine learning and earth science expertise at the Gaboury Nickel Project at Témiscamingue, Quebec.

Mosaic Minerals owns 6,064 hectares, located approximately 150 km southwest of the Luine Nolanda mine camp and 11 km east of the former Lorraine mine. The Gaboury project is a nickel-rich ultramafic intrusive rock with a potential of over 9 km. GoldSpot provides traditional regional targeting, 3D modeling, line-of-sight mapping, and smart targeting for drilling into these critical metal projects using traditional machine learning aid techniques.

Nickel has traditionally been used primarily in the manufacture of stainless steel, but is now used as one of the main components of lithium-ion batteries. With the recent surge in electric vehicle (EV) production, there has been an unprecedented surge in demand for companies such as Tesla to enter into production contracts with nickel miners, including the mining giant Vale.

“GoldSpot is resource-independent. GoldSpot CEO Vincent Dubé-Bourgeois commented:” Many people say that our unique method has a wide range of mineralization types and commodities. The Gaboury project is a good example of this. They have a very promising nickel corridor where we apply machine learning and traditional earth sciences to smart targeting. Mosaic Minerals We are excited to work with you and look forward to the results of this project. “

“We are pleased to work with GoldSpot Discoveries, a promising young Canadian company that brings important technological aspects to the industry. They offer the potential of our flagship product, the Gaboury property. I believe it helps to better conceptualize it. “Jonathan Hamel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mosaic Minerals, concluded.

Resignation of director

We also immediately announce that Jean Reinville has resigned from the Board of Directors. Rainville has over 40 years of experience in the mining and financial markets. Management appreciates Mr. Rainville’s valuable and dedicated service to the company.

About Mosaic Minerals Co., Ltd.

Mosaic Minerals Corp. is a Canadian mining exploration company listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE: MOC), focusing on exploration of strategic minerals in Quebec’s territory.

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M. Jonathan Hamel
President and CEO
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This release contains specific “forward-looking information” under Canadian securities law applicable to arrangements. The forward-looking information reflects our current internal expectations or beliefs and is based on the information currently available to us. In some cases, information about future prospects may, “do,” “should,” “expect,” “intention,” “plan,” “expect,” and “believe.” Can be identified by terms such as “” and “estimate”. , “Project”, “Potential”, “Schedule”, “Forecast”, “Budget”, or the denial of these or other equivalent terms. The underlying assumptions of such forward-looking information include, among other things, that the arrangement’s termination conditions are met and that the arrangement is completed under the conditions set out in the final agreement. Many of these assumptions are based on factors and events that are not under our control and there is no guarantee that they will be correct or accurate. Risk factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those predicted here include, but are not limited to: The outlook and opportunities for our business do not go as expected. Global price changes in gold or other specific commodities (diesel, aluminum, electricity, etc.). Changes to US dollar and other exchange rates, interest rates, or gold lease rates. Risks arising from possession of derivative products. Level of liquidity and capital resources. Access to capital markets, financing and interest rates. Mining tax system; Ability to successfully integrate acquired assets. Legislative, political or economic development in the jurisdiction in which we operate. Operational or technical issues related to mining or development activities. Laws and regulations governing environmental protection. Employee relationships; increased availability and costs associated with mining inputs and workforce. The speculative nature of exploration and development. Conflict over ownership of real estate, especially undeveloped real estate. Risks associated with exploration, development and mining businesses. The risks and unknowns inherent in all projects include estimated reserves and resource inaccuracies, metallurgical recovery, capital and operating costs for such projects, and future prices for related minerals. The Canadian Stock Exchange is not responsible for the validity or accuracy of this release.

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Mosaic adopts GoldSpot discovery to work on Gaboury project, Canadian Business Journal

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