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Residents of Adelaide Metcalf will have the opportunity to pay 2 cents online with the 2022 budget, which is promised to be more detailed than the previous year.

A public inquiry into the needs and concerns of residents will be available in November. Currently only available online, residents will be notified via the local media, social media and township website

Mayor Curtis Smith said he was concerned that people who were not connected online would not have access to the survey and suggested mailing a leaflet. Treasurer Johnny Pereira said it could, but it costs thousands of dollars.

CAO Morgan Calvert told the council that being online alone can create prejudice against people who do not have access to the Internet. He suggested that if turnout was low, the cost of the 2023 budget might need to be included in the savings.

Coun. Betty Ann Mackinnon pointed out that a simple solution might include an investigation that includes tax notices that most residents have already received by mail.

The 2022 budget will be available to Parliament in December, will be presented in January, and will be finalized in March. Pereira foresaw an even earlier start with a budget of 2023 as early as next July.

The 2022 budget will look different due to the new approach from the staff. The capital and operating budgets are separated and include details.

“The budget is built on what is needed and detailed explanations that justify all costs within the budget. Therefore, it is not always budgeted in the previous year. It’s a very detailed look line by line and we really understand what we’re budgeting for, “said Treasurer Pereira.

He said that keeping old and new costs down could reduce costs.

More Budget Public Input | Star

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