More and More Online Gambling Operators Want a Share of Canada’s Thriving iGaming Market

Ever since online gambling became legal in Canada, there has been an increasing number of various online gambling operators lining up to secure their share of the market. But where’s opportunity, there’s competition! Thus, the operators are facing immense pressure to step up their game and provide a better service to their customers.

For the end-customer, this is great news! In practice, healthy competition translates to more freedom of choice, as well as a wide range of other benefits. But before we dive into these and what it all means for the player, here’s a glimpse into some eye-opening facts about the Canadian iGaming market:

Canadian iGaming market at a glance

– As much as 75% of Canadians engage is some form of gambling.

– The majority of Canadian online gamblers are anywhere between 35 to 50 years of age.

– Lotteries are the most popular form of gambling in Canada.

– Since 2020, land-based gambling has decreased and online gambling has been on an upward spiral.

– The male-to-female ratio of Canadian gamblers is 57:43.

As you can see, Canadians absolutely love to gamble! In the recent years, much of it has entered the digital space and the players can enjoy a slew of benefits by gambling online.

Play any game you can think of

To attract as many new players as possible, online gambling operators are making double-sure to feature an extensive array of popular gaming titles in their catalog. To see how players are spoiled for choice, here is just a short list of Canadian gambling sites that gives a back-to-back comparison of what you can expect. But the gist of it is, everything is covered, from poker, slots, roulette, blackjack and all the way to live dealer games and sports betting.

In fact, due to the limitless nature of the digital environment, you will experience a greater diversity of games compared to what a traditional brick & mortar casino can offer. This is particularly visible in the slots department that houses a myriad of slots titles developed by leading industry names. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds if not thousands of games in an online casino. Moreover, since they don’t consist of any physical moving parts, it’s easy for developers to keep them up-to-date and maintain the highest level of player experience.

Thousands of online casino games await at the click of a button.

Poker En Ligne, Cartes, Chips, Dé, Poker, Jouer

Wide-encompassing device support

In the past, online casinos were more or less limited to PCs, but nowadays, this is no longer the case. Due to how affordable it is to get a decent smartphone nowadays, online casinos now fully realize the scale of mobile gaming and how important it is for them to support a multitude of devices. This allows you to take your favorite games with you no matter where you go. Have a minute to spare while waiting in the queue? Just pull out your trusty smartphone and you know what to do.

As a Canadian, you are free to use any computer or smart device you want and as long as it can run a modern browser, you’ll be good to go. Smartphone users may not want to clog up their storage space by installing countless apps, and that’s fine. You’ll find no shortage of online casino games that run inside a browser and don’t require you to install a dedicated app unless you want to.

Extensive list of payment methods supported

Most, if not all Canadian online casinos support traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and credit cards. But if you’re not a fan of it for any reason, more and more platforms accept cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment. Rest assured that no Canadian online casino can afford to lose a customer over something as trivial as payment method support, so they will do what they can to accommodate your needs.

Top of the line security

Online casinos are required to demonstrate a high degree of trustworthiness before Canadian citizens will even consider entrusting them with their hard-earned money. To keep their customers’ accounts, data, and funds secure, they have implemented numerous security measures such as data encryption and two-factor authentication. To keep its license in good standing, an online casino is regularly audited to ensure it meets the strictest industry standards.

Lucrative bonuses and ongoing promotions

To get more gamblers through the door, online gambling operators in Canada need to offer the best experience possible – and then some. In practice, this translates to a plethora of lucrative bonuses and ongoing promotions, all designed to incentivize you to sign up. Of course, any online casino operator realizes this is only half the battle; retaining the customers is the other part of the equation, as part of which they’ll shower you with loyalty program rewards you earn over time.


As we move deeper into the 21st century’s 20s, additional online gambling operators will keep popping up to seize their share of this multi-billion market. Now, it’s up to you to do your homework and choose the one that treats you best.

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