Minions and #Gentleminions: Why some theaters ban teens in suits for new movies-nationwide

The theater owner shouts, “Sneaky!”In a horde of well-dressed teenagers with bananas appearing in the theater to see the latest minion movie.

People’s TikTok feed has been carried over to a video of a young man wearing a suit, carrying yellow fruit, submitting it to the theater and watching it. Minions: The rise of glue..

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but why?

This is part of the #Gentleminions trend and seems to be a bit in place for marketing comics that dominate box office revenue. Shortly before the movie’s release date on July 1, the Minions account began promoting the so-called “Gentle Minions,” posting a video of well-dressed young people lining up in a movie theater.

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I read the text of the video saying “Your day has come” and the caption says “Bobspeed you gentle minions”.

The suit is a homage to Steve Carell’s character, the nifty boss of the Minions series, Ferronius Guru.

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And most teens have shown good behavior while attending screenings, which has caused headaches for some theater operators across the pond.

A British theater staff member told the BBC that violent movie fans were making a fuss and throwing things at the screen, and some theaters gave huge refunds after the patron experience was ruined. I reported that I had to do it.

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Daniel Phillips Smith, Mallard Cinema Manager, told the BBC: Some families do not return to the screen when trying to organize, while others leave before the movie starts, and of course the children are weeping. “

Newsweek said Odeon Theaters needed to “restrict access” to movies in some theaters in the UK “because there were few incidents in the theaters over the weekend.”

A TikTok user posted a video showing a sign announcing that he banned slightly dressed guests.

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“Due to the recent uproar following the #Gentleminions trend, a group of formal-dressed guests Minions: Rise Of Gru“Is written.

As part of that, the movie studio Universal Pictures praised the fans and posted on Twitter:

Either way, the trend seems to be working. Minions: The rise of glue He earned $ 125.1 million in the Opening Weekend and won the Independence Day Weekend Opening Record.

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Minions and #Gentleminions: Why some theaters ban teens in suits for new movies-nationwide

Source link Minions and #Gentleminions: Why some theaters ban teens in suits for new movies-nationwide

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