Michael Keaton returns to Batman’s role: “I’m catching up.”

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Twenty years later, Michael Keaton will return to be one of his most iconic characters.

This week, the “Dopesick” star starred in SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” and talked about replaying his role as Batman in the upcoming DC movies “The Flash” and “Batgirl.”

“I accepted it. So why don’t you?” He said about the big superhero’s comeback. “And this is the right time after all, I’m catching up. I’ve caught up.”

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Keaton said his original Tim Burton “Batman” and its sequels were “work” for him, supported by working with the directors and actors he admired. However, he decided to leave the franchise in Joel Schumacher’s third film, Batman Forever.

“The third I couldn’t do,” he said. “I just thought,’Well, this isn’t good. This isn’t good. I can’t. I just blow my head. I can’t live with myself.” So I went away and over time It’s like catching up with the culture. “

He continued. “To be honest, I was really out of it. And at some point you are in a hurry, if you don’t go,’Well, this is a legitimate world. You’re better than this. Not bad. “

He soon began to think about what would happen to return to Batman. “And by chance, there was a tweet. There was a phone call from Warner Bros. They wanted to talk to me about something, and there was a hint from Batman.”

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Eventually, Keaton was asked to read the script for “Flash.” This script contains the story of the Multiverse, which also includes Bat-Man’s iterations by Ben Affleck.

“I just thought,’Of course, you had to do this,'” Keaton said. “But it has to be good. If it’s not good, there’s no reason to do it. It’s not really going to change what I don’t think. So it’s really good. And I’m just And I enjoyed jumping in. And why don’t you? See. Director Andy Muschietti is amazing and really creative. “

“Flash” is scheduled to premiere on November 4, 2022, and “Bat Girl” is also currently planned for 2022.

Michael Keaton returns to Batman’s role: “I’m catching up.”

Source link Michael Keaton returns to Batman’s role: “I’m catching up.”

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