May Pang says Yoko Ono pushed her to have a relationship with John Lennon in the new document The Lost Weekend

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May Pang tells her side of the story of her relationship with John Lennon.

This week, the trailer for the new documentary “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” debuted. This documentary depicts a love affair between a former Beatles and a 10-year junior assistant.

22-year-old bread at the time says variety They were first founded by Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, who led to their whirlwind romance that lasted more than a year since 1972.

“Yes, Yoko approached me, and I thought it was insane,” says Pan. “I told her I wasn’t interested at all. They had problems getting married. They weren’t really talking to each other. But John voluntarily goes to Los Angeles. I decided and asked me to go with him. Yoko wasn’t even aware of what we had done until we left. “

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Lennon’s so-called “Lost Weekend” was attended by a drunken fugitive in Los Angeles and friends Alice Cooper, Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon and Micky Dolenz.

“People took up my story and talked about my life as if they knew everything about me, but they didn’t,” Pan explains. “I thought it was time to regain my history. It’s my version. If there was a movie about my life, I thought I should be involved. Who should talk better than me? Who? I lived it. These are my memories. No one like me experienced it. Why should I let someone else talk about my time with John? Do I have to? He understood better than anyone. He told me, “May, that’s your opinion. It’s your life. People are talking about you. And they will lie about it. “

Recalling how romance began in 1972, Pan says. “Yoko kept pushing, but waited for John to make the first move. That wasn’t what I wanted. Then I asked him,” Where is this going? ” Is called. And he will say,’I don’t know. Tired of being pushed away. And what do you know? I’m just going to do that. He wasn’t happy with his marriage, which made the lives of everyone around him miserable. “

She also revealed that Pan wasn’t proud to be known as Lennon’s other woman, as reporters questioned their relationship.

“I felt terrible, and I told John that,” she says. “Yoko was calling 10 to 15 times a day to find out what was going on. I didn’t know much, she was fooling him at the same time. I didn’t know. And John didn’t know. We found it together. “

“I just wanted to treat him as a normal person. I didn’t want to be his mother, but I acted as his secretary, his personal assistant. I called for him. When we got together, I wasn’t working for him anymore, but I wanted to help him with his daily routine. I just wanted to be with me and him. . “

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In 1974, Pan and Lennon returned to New York to deal with immigration status in the United States.

“Yoko told John that he wanted a divorce and ordered him to sign a document at the law firm. When John returned home, he said,” I will be free in six months. I insisted, “says Pan.

Looking back at that time, Bread said: “Let’s say this. The time with John may have been short, but everything in the meantime was monumental. The last time he jammed with Paul, I was there … I We played the tambourine with Mal Evans. We saw the UFO together. “

Bread has also collected many souvenirs, including drawings and photographs, since her time with Lennon.

“They are all in the safe deposit box and are very valuable to me,” she says. “Maybe to anyone else. Maybe I’ll give them to my kids, but I cherish all of it. The first guy I’ve ever lived with was John Lennon. It turns out that … Imagine. “

May Pang says Yoko Ono pushed her to have a relationship with John Lennon in the new document The Lost Weekend

Source link May Pang says Yoko Ono pushed her to have a relationship with John Lennon in the new document The Lost Weekend

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