“Masked Singer”: Cupcakes Crumbling in Week 5 — See the legend of music in colorful costumes!

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* Note: The spoiler is first!

“The Masked Singer” returned to the sixth week of the Season 6 competition on Wednesday, and after five fun performances from Group B, fans had to say goodbye to competitors in different costumes.

On Wednesday, Queen of Hearts, Mallard, Cupcakes, Banana Split, and new wildcard contestant Caterpillar went on stage for the best shots. However, it was the cupcake that was bitten!

Only Shelzinger was surprised by the correct guess after the panel of show celebrity “detectives” such as Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy made the final guess. bottom.

After the “take off” chanting, the cupcake turned out to be nothing more than the legendary Pointer Sisters music legend Ruth Pointer!


ET spoke with a famous diva on Wednesday, and she opened up about her experience at the show, and why she felt Shelzinger was able to infer her identity.

“I loved the people they thought were me,” Pointer said. “It was fun to hear all the guesses. I was dying in my costume.”

“I think it’s related to Nicole’s belonging to a girl group, so it wasn’t surprising that Nicole stopped it … I wasn’t too surprised,” she added.

The cupcake was eliminated after the Bruno Mars “Finesse” star cover was belted and the audience stood up and danced!

“It was an unforgettable experience for me, I’ll tell you that!” Pointer shared her time at the show. “It was new and different, so I think everyone should try singing with a box on their heads!”

For the rest of the stellar performances, two contestants, Banana Split, held the show. And I was surprised again by the production of “Cry Mea River” by Michael Bublé.

The Queen of Hearts provided a cover for Edit Piaf’s “La Vi en Rose”. Chic said it was one of the best vocal performances in the show’s history.

When he first went on stage, convinced that everyone was a country star, Mallard threw the panel into the loop with a great cover of Flo Rida’s “My House.”

Finally, the contest’s newcomer, The Caterpillar, wept in the eyes of the panel with the unexpected and moving performance of Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy.”

See which characters will be featured and which stars will be unmasked when “The Masked Singer” airs on Fox on Wednesday at 8pm EST.

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“Masked Singer”: Cupcakes Crumbling in Week 5 — See the legend of music in colorful costumes!

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