Martin Gurbin leads Verv Technologies

Sudbury, Ontario. – Verv Technologies announced the appointment of Martin (Marty) Gurbin (pictured) as CEO. Marty brings a deep understanding of global healthcare and health his innovations, new health his technologies, and international networks from his 20+ years in healthcare and startups.

Verv is the first of its kind consumer-friendly, affordable, high-quality blood with a single-use, at-home test that helps individuals measure a wide range of analytes (cholesterol, vitamin levels, hormones, etc.). We focus on creating chemical analyzers. Verv empowers consumers to help them manage their health, transform access to blood tests and improve timely decision-making between consumers and healthcare providers.

Gurbin comes to this role at an exciting time in the company’s transformation, following the recent investment in Verv by UK-based multinational Randox Laboratories.

Verv Technologies President and Founder Jeff Sutton said: “Now is the perfect time to build our momentum and focus on technology, biotesting and certification.”

Sutton now transitions to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and will focus on advancing Verv’s core intellectual property and blood testing technology.

“Verv has made significant progress under Jeff’s leadership, overcoming key technical hurdles. Once our core product is complete, we will open up an exciting new market for consumer health biochemical monitoring.” says Gurbin. “We look forward to this exciting opportunity to build partnerships, create value across the global ecosystem, and make a difference in the lives of many.”

About Martin Garvin
Marty brings a wealth of experience to ensure Verv’s transition to commercial success. As his senior economist at the Ontario Hospital Association, director of the Ontario University Hospital Council, director of business development and innovation, and vice president/founder of Sunnybrook International, he has been very active in the healthcare system and innovation in his ecosystem. has played a prominent role. Health Science Center – He is one of Canada’s largest academic and research-intensive hospitals. He was also Ontario’s leading health innovation broker. Over the last five years, through his consultancy Metamor Health Inc., Marty has worked with over 250 medical device, digital health and life sciences startups, scale-ups, hospitals and business accelerator leaders across many jurisdictions to form partnerships. has secured, funded, defined and implemented the business. Strategy and team building.

Martin Gurbin leads Verv Technologies

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