Markle’s visit to Ulved to pay homage to her, seen as a “PR stunt”

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According to the Daily Mail, Megan Markle’s sudden visit to Texas’s courthouse, Uvalde, has sparked some people’s anger on social media.

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Gunman Salvador Roland Ramos, 18, is said to have committed suicide after enrolling in nearby Robb Elementary School, killing 21 people, including 19 children.

On Thursday, Markle was found placing a bouquet of white roses on a temporary monument outside the courthouse and stopped by the Yuvarde Community Center, which hosted a blood drive.

Volunteers told the Daily Mail that Markle toured the facility and donated food.

“She didn’t want anyone to know who she was,” he said.

In addition to PEOPLE, Markle’s spokesperson went on a personal trip as a mother to the Duchess.

However, social media critics still believe that the Duchess tried to spotlight himself in the midst of the tragedy, and still have his divorced father Thomas in the hospital suffering a stroke. He pointed out that he had not visited.

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“I’m sure she’s posing this way, and I think she’s totally disgusted by her own photographer,” tweeted one user.

“I’m used to her PR stunts, which really offends me. Please pay homage, but it’s SICK to pose the four photos and publish them to the media. “

Another said: “From California to Texas, drag the camera and pose at the monument to the dead children. You’re cold. Your PR is dark. It’s a flight to Texas, not a flight to Dad.”

I didn’t know if Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, came to Texas with her, but he wasn’t seen with her in public.

Instead, the Duchess was accompanied by the head of her security team Alberto Albertes.

The shooting of Yuvarde has been the deadliest in 10 years since the killings of 20 primary school children and 6 employees at Sandy Hook School in New Town, Connecticut.

Markle’s visit to Ulved to pay homage to her, seen as a “PR stunt”

Source link Markle’s visit to Ulved to pay homage to her, seen as a “PR stunt”

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