Margot Robbie reveals police stopped production on ‘Amsterdam’ on final day

To Corey Atad.

Even big Hollywood productions face permission issues.

On Monday night, Margot Robbie stopped by ‘The Tonight Show’ to talk to Jimmy Fallon about her new movie ‘Amsterdam,’ revealing that police closed them down on the last day of filming.

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“[Director David O. Russell] He doesn’t want to quit and he could go on forever and neither could Christian [Bale]’ explained Margot. “They were both very passionate about this film and their craft and David never cut the film. Technically, there really was no stopping.”

Ultimately, the local police took the production case right because they had things perfectly wrapped up.

“It was the last day of shooting and Christian was doing his lines. David was there and he said he was directing… but it was cleared,” Robbie said. rice field. “We were in Pasadena and we ran out of time and had to clean up. And finally, the Pasadena Police Department came on set and said, “We have to stop.”

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Also on the show, Robbie celebrated Fallon’s 48th birthday with a hometown delicacy, Australian Fairy Bread.

“[It’s] It’s usually served at birthday parties for young children where I’m from, and it’s Jimmy’s birthday,” the actress told him while lighting the birthday candles.

She then led the audience with the song “Happy Birthday” to the late-night host, who blew out the candles.

The host then asked what exactly fair bread is.

“Fair bread is white bread, cheaper is better, butter, and sprinkles on top,” Robbie told him.

“Oh, that’s great,” Fallon said as he took a bite, to which Robbie said. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Don’t wait for your birthday, celebrate your birthday anytime. ”

Margot Robbie reveals police stopped production on ‘Amsterdam’ on final day

Source link Margot Robbie reveals police stopped production on ‘Amsterdam’ on final day

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