Margaret Atwood opposes “forced childbirth” in abortion rights editorials

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The author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” has a choice.

Over the weekend, Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood wrote an editorial ParentsResponds to a leaked draft opinion indicating that the US Supreme Court may overturn the Roe v. Wade case.

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The famous and controversial 1973 ruling enshrines the federal right to access to abortion in the United States.

“No one likes abortion, even if it’s safe and legal. It’s not what women choose to have a happy time on Saturday night,” Atwood began. “But no one likes women bleeding and dying on the toilet floor due to tort. What to do?”

Comparing the prospects for an abortion ban with slavery, Atwood explained: Must be included. “

“If the state mandates forced childbirth, why not pay for prenatal care, childbirth itself, postnatal care, and raising children for babies who are not sold to wealthier families? Is she continued? “And if the state is very fond of babies, why not honor the woman who gives birth to the most babies by respecting the baby and saving her from poverty? If so, they should certainly be paid for their labor, even if they are against their will. “

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Atwood discussed the importance of choices on the issue of abortion.

“We say that women’give birth’. And mothers who choose to be mothers give birth and feel it as a gift. But if they do not choose, they give birth. It’s not a gift to give, it’s a blackmail from them against their will, “she wrote.

“No one forces women to have an abortion. No one should force them to give birth,” Atwood added. “We force childbirth as needed, but at least we call it forced by what it is. It’s slavery. It’s a claim to own and control the body of another person and benefit from that claim.”

Margaret Atwood opposes “forced childbirth” in abortion rights editorials

Source link Margaret Atwood opposes “forced childbirth” in abortion rights editorials

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