Mandy Moore celebrates sweet family moments with “Formoon” music video

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Mandy Moore shares his love for his family with his new music video.

She has released a video for her next new album track, “Four Moons” In real life On thursday.

Moore enjoys a peaceful scene in nature with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith of Dors, and her one-year-old son, Gus. The domestic blissful scene aims to celebrate the ephemeral joy of her life.

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“It’s about being very caring for someone and tasting every moment before moving on to the next Christmas. For example, we had to laugh at the first Christmas together or when the cooked meal came out wrong. 38-years old shared. “It’s asking” Where did you go all day? When did you start to feel like everything was fast forwarded? And I don’t want to let go of him and our lives as closely as possible. “

The soft lyrics of the song reflect a sense of openness and vulnerability, such as “I want to hold my hand / a little too much / step on my toes / approach / do not approach”.

For Moore, songwriting is an open and empathetic practice.

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“For me, it’s about staying open, staying aware, and being sensitive and empathetic to the people around me,” she shared.

To celebrate the release of her new album, the singer heads to North America in the summer – her first tour in 10 years.

In real life It will be released on May 13th.

Mandy Moore celebrates sweet family moments with “Formoon” music video

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