Mandel: Murderer shot by police should not claim disability, says Crown

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“Monster” had nothing to say.

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Given the chance to speak in court, or perhaps to a victim he had long terrorized, Alexander Bates decided to rather remain a mother. Admitted — what more could they want?

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Is it like repentance? But it would ask too much.

Bates, now 51 83-year-old Maria Araujo strangled At home in Mississauga on December 20, 2018He attempted to kill his son Alberto Araujo and Araujo’s mother-in-law Linda Galland the next day with an aluminum baseball bat. In a plan of revenge against the family that had him indicted for abusing Araujo’s 14-year-old daughter three years earlier.

Bates was arrested and released on bail in February 2015. Alberto was charged with criminal harassment after he discovered that Araujo had two tracking devices attached to his car.

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Electrician pleaded guilty to sexual interference as well criminal harassment In February 2018, out of vengeance, he was released from prison.

Crown believes the murder of the beloved Araujo patriarch was carefully planned. He said he was under strict parole conditions that prevented him from having direct or indirect contact with anyone in his family.

“It defies logic that he would risk parole by taking this big risk by making a friendly visit to[her]grandmother with whom he had never had a relationship. .”

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Maria Araujo, 83 years old
Maria Araujo, 83 years old Photo by provided photo /toronto sun

Meanwhile, the killer went looking for Araujo.After Bates went to jail in 2015, the family moved out because they were so afraid of Bates. From Mississauga to Smithville, south of Grimsby, hope you don’t find it.

But he had

After incapacitating their car, Bates ambushed Araujo outside his Smithville home and forced him inside with what he said was a gun. He tied him up and demanded to know where he could find his daughter.

Araujo’s wife and mother-in-law went home when they lost contact. His wife was able to escape, but Garand was not so lucky. Bates hits her and Araujo over the head with a bat and finally escapes.

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As he tried to escape, Bates threatened to wait for Niagara police with a fake gun in a suicide attempt by a cop. Instead, he was shot and survived.

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And like an orphan seeking mercy after killing his parents, he believes his injuries should be treated lightly when he is sentenced.

Bates pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Due to his recent guilty plea to second-degree murder, he faces an automatic life sentence. The only question is how long before he can apply for parole. The King is seeking his 17-year reprieve, but the defense is asking Superior Court Judge Bruce Dano to impose his 12-year parole eligibility.

Prosecutors said at the end of Tuesday’s sentencing hearing that the killer had largely recovered from the shooting and could pose a physical danger to surviving members of the Araujo family.

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Nadler played a Maplehurst Detention Center video to show Bates, who claims he needs a wheelchair for long-distance travel, standing and walking without issue. “I think it’s pretty clear from what we’ve seen in the video and his medical records that he can move around without significant or obvious discomfort.”

But that didn’t stop him from refusing to appear in court earlier this month.

Respect? This is the man who beat and strangled an old woman and left her battered body next to the Christmas presents she was wrapping.

I never thought my mother would lose give her life to this monsterAmidst many emotions, Araujo told Durno. victim Last month impact statement.

Now it was his turn to respond before a judge ruled next month.

But the monster said nothing.

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Mandel: Murderer shot by police should not claim disability, says Crown

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