Malik Henry bounces and plays Bo and is rewarded with a stamp victory

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Malik Henry wasn’t good in the first half.
But he was more than compensated for in the second.
On Saturday, the Calgary Stampeders receiver played a breakout game. He made a big catch in a big moment and won 30-23 against Edmonton Elks with a great stat line including 6 catches and touchdowns at 173 yards.
It was a star-making performance.
The type of game that makes sure he wins one of the CFL’s weekly awards.
But what made it even more impressive was that most of Henry’s work was done after making some difficult mistakes in the first half.
Henry was called Offside in the first quarter of the play, where he saw stamps connect over 30 yards in the air.
Then he also had a key fumble after winning the first down.
“I needed it,” Henry said of his late performance. “Early failure made me angry. My teammates told me to stay in the game and I went back in the second half and played a few times.
“That’s the purpose of your teammates.”
He was so electrical late in the match on Saturday that early mistakes are, of course, quickly forgotten. If the game is over 170 yards, especially if the team wins, it tends to obscure what you may have done wrong.
But Henry’s ability to bounce is noteworthy. Not all players can recover from such mistakes in-game.
“He was challenged in half-time,” said Dave Dickenson, head coach of Stamps. “He couldn’t block well in the first half, so we challenged him.
“We weren’t perfect, but he did some great plays. He’s fast, he has playmaker abilities. I’m glad to see him join. ( It was great because quarterback) Bo (Levy Mitchell) trusts him so much. “
For obvious reasons, Henry’s emergence as a viable deep ball threat would be a huge bonus for stampeders. At Kamar Jorden and Reggie Begelton, the team has already adopted two of the two CFL receivers, but with a third option, the attack could be broadened and otherwise possible. Key in the big name of the stamp that can make life much harder to counter the defensive backfield.
Henry was never perfect, but he found a way to open a ball with a deep sideline. The numbers speak for themselves.
“He probably had 250 and three touchdowns,” Mitchell said.
“There were some plays I told him.” If you just run and believe I’m going to find you, there are some huge plays. “But he’s 170 yards. You can’t dock a guy when you have and play as he did. “
Last minute decision
Stamp listed Mitchell as a game time decision because his ankle injury was annoying him, but eventually adopted the star as the starting quarterback.
It was a big success as Mitchell completed 21 out of 28 passes with 321 yards and a touchdown.
But even a few hours before the kick-off, there was no guarantee that Mitchell would be there.
“I’m not kidding. I had Jake (Meyer) until about 2 o’clock,” Dickenson said. “He had anxious legs and I just wanted to let him know.”
Mitchell said he tried a new tape wrap on his ankle and felt that he was more manoeuvrable in his pocket and could play without putting the team in a bad place.
Quick hit
Richard Sindani finished the match in the first half with a hamstring injury. Fortunately, the stamp has a fair amount of depth in the Canadian receiver position, but Shindani has a good start this year and is definitely his absence if he can’t get out for a long time due to an injury. Will feel. Hope the upcoming Byweek will help … Charlie Power was the absolute beast of a special team … Jalen Philpot looked pretty comfortable in his first game as a professional soccer player. Stamps’ first draft topic was one catch at 8 yards, but also returned three kickoffs at 67 yards … the fastest cow in the world won the race … Sean Lemon stands out in the second half. I did. He deserves more praise than this brief mention, but he had two bags and a crucial knockdown. It was a very strong performance from the defensive end … Cameron Judge made a pass cut in the second half. With Jamie Asserman winning picks in the first two games of the stamp, their linebackers are averaging intercepts in one game. This is honestly a bit ridiculous.

Malik Henry bounces and plays Bo and is rewarded with a stamp victory

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