Make time to maintain Chrissy Metz, mental health, etc. at the end of “This is us”

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In a new interview with VeryWell Mind, Chrissy Metz shares her thoughts on the next end of “This Is Us” in a cover story of worklife issues.

Given that Very Well Mind focuses on mental health, Mets emphasized the importance of hit TV shows such as “This Is Us”, which addresses mental health-related issues.

“For me, educating someone, even if it’s a detour on a TV show or conversation … no fear, no shame or guilt.
And it’s very important in a healthy journey as long as you fight your own mental health, “she says. “Oh [‘This Is Us’] It helps, even in ways we probably still don’t recognize. “

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Mets also discussed what she learned from her “This Is Us” character, Kate Pearson. “She is me; she is me. [We] Always put yourself in your role. And Kate thinks I’m a lot of people in the past, “Mets explained. “And now that she’s become this very powerful woman speaking for herself, I now realize that she’s doing it in different ways. , Helped me become the one who is trying to achieve it completely. “

In an interview, Mets pursued her own quest for a balance between work and life, admitting that it was “what I am constantly chasing.”

“I love taking a bath at the end of the day. I also talked to the therapist I always say. At least I flush my back and it’s like flushing the day. Whether it’s a shower or a bath, you always have to do that before you go to bed, “she said.

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“I always have to go back to my intentions. Well, it’s a very cute or cute way of life, but it’s not always true,” she added. “You know, someday I
I don’t want to do it like “OK, I’ll do it”, but I bring that energy into the space. And I, oh, this is like an unbalanced thing. “

One way Mets manages his mental health is to create a journal. “I write a lot of journals. I have a therapist. I talk a lot about therapy. I’m also called journal speech. It’s literally about getting everything you feel,” she says. “Sometimes I can just do it on my computer and turn it off. Our feelings aren’t always true because I never hold it, but they definitely get rid of it. And need to be unearthed. So you can get to the core issues, such as what’s really going on. It was very helpful. “

Add Metz: “I also believe that this overall point of this existence plan is evolution, so I want to be better than myself tomorrow. Today, all of them are blessed. It’s not perfect, so it’s not straight, but it’s worth it. “

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The entire interview can be read in the latest issue of Very WellMind.

Make time to maintain Chrissy Metz, mental health, etc. at the end of “This is us”

Source link Make time to maintain Chrissy Metz, mental health, etc. at the end of “This is us”

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