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Make a dirty martini with tequila

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The relationship with the martini can be traced back to the bar at the Burns Steakhouse in Tampa, an iconic facility decorated like a French brothel. Longing to be perceived as sophisticated, I ordered Dirty Martini with a shrimp cocktail and ribeye. Marco — the Platonic Ideal of the Old-School Bartender — I was asked if I wanted blue cheese olives. “Do you think it’s too much?” I replied. “I’m here to make drinks, not judgments,” he said. “Get olives as needed.”

I got the olives I tried to internalize Marco’s philosophy.A filthy and briny martini with Gusto Everyone enjoyed using plenty of olives. Then one day, I ordered a martini “just sprinkled with salt water”. It was replaced by a “normal martini” and then a “dry martini”. My dry martini phase was a little too long, but I was in my twenties and wanted to be “taken seriously” by the vermouth-hating mixologists who were ubiquitous in the late 2000s. Again, I was more interested in judgment than in drinks. (I got over it.)

I admit that I felt a surge in judgment I first Read about Dirty tequila martini. “It’s not a martini,” I tweeted. After 30 minutes, I didn’t care. “Who has sexual intercourse?” Muttered more aggressively this time.I From fuck to give In general, tequila and vermouth don’t sound bad at all. Peppers and citrus swing tequila are an alternative to gin. No problem.Add citrus bitters and salt water — pickled green tomatoes are recommended— Put everything together to create a cohesive, salty, summery martini.

How to make Dirty Tequila Martini


  • 21/4 oz swing tequila
  • 1/2 ounce of salt water of your choice (try green tomatoes)
  • 1/4 oz dry vermouth
  • 2-3 Dash Orange Bitters

Add everything to a stir glass filled with cracked ice and stir until very cool. Sprinkle on a coupe and decorate with olive and orange peels.

Make a dirty martini with tequila

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