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The trial of a Langley man charged with murdering three members of his family began on Tuesday after a non-emergency police call was recorded, prompting him to seek help.

Kia Ebrahimian appeared before the BC Supreme Court in New Westminster and was charged with second-degree murder in the deaths of her brother Befrin Ebrahimian, her mother Tatiana Bazyar, and Bazyar’s common-law husband Francesco Zangrilli. responded to three accusations. Wakefield on June 13, 2020 after a fire went out in the house she shared in her 19600 block on her drive.

Prosecutor Michael Fortino said Kia and Befflin (whom Fortino described as “a transgender man who has completed sex reassignment surgery”) said that Kia will join other family members at Langley’s home in the spring of 2020. He said he has been in conflict since returning to

“I want to warn everyone in court that what they’re about to hear is pretty distressing,” Fortino said.

This wasn’t the first time Zangrilli called a non-emergency number for police assistance.

The police had already arrived on June 5th. Bazyar and Zangrili also had to take time off from work on 9 June due to a rivalry between their brothers.

This time Zangrili was on the phone when he suddenly called for help and heard a woman screaming behind him. The fire alarm started going off.

When police were dispatched and arrived, a fire had begun to spread inside the house.

The officers force their way in and were able to retrieve Zangurili, who had suffered several stab wounds and was unable to revive. The other two victims did not recover until the fire was extinguished.

Kia, who was on the second floor of her house, was helped by a neighbor using a ladder.

The RCMP were dispatched to the Langley home after a non-urgent police call turned into a call for help on June 13, 2020. Three people were found dead. On Tuesday, September 20th, Kia Ebrahimian’s trial began. He was charged with the deaths of his brother Behrin Ebrahimian, his mother Tatiana Bajal, and Bajal’s common-law husband Francesco Zangrili. (Langley Advance Times File)

Police later seized two knives from Kia Motors, which were tested and found to contain Befrin and Zangurili DNA.

All three victims died from what prosecutor Sonya Beltran described in her opening remarks as “injuries from sharp force”.

“Most of the King’s cases were granted,” Bertrand said.

The question is whether Kia was “a rational actor who was able to form murderous intent”.

Eighteen witnesses are called by the prosecution, including two RCMP officers, former landlords of Kia, and Befflin’s girlfriend. and state of mind. “

The trial will run until October 14th.

As the trial began before Judge Murray Bullock, who was trying the case without a jury, the judge struggled to say “not guilty” when the charges were read to him, drug-addicted Kia. expressed concern about the state of

“It makes me cautious,” Judge Bullock said.

Attorney Donna Turco said Kia wants to go ahead with the case.

“The drugs make him wobbly and tired,” Turco told the court, but her client was able to follow the procedures.

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Lower Mainland triple murder trial begins with replay of police call – Vernon Morning Star

Source link Lower Mainland triple murder trial begins with replay of police call – Vernon Morning Star

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