Lots of sizzles, small steaks of rocket loss

The West Middlesex Memorial Center vaccinated crowd doubled in excitement and frustration when the dominant Strassroy rocket team dropped 4-1 to the resilient Leamington Flyers on October 2. I got the dose.

The ice tilted in favor of the home team in most of the games. The shot was 34-20 and the play was primarily directed at Leamington goalkeeper Boe Piroski. However, solid goal-ending and the ability to finish with a return rush was the theme of the Flyers with four people behind rocket goal-tender Matthew Brazo.

Rocket has more than 18 newcomers on the roster. The young team was loyal to their Monica and the forwards showed dazzling speed, especially throughout. The path was usually clear if you came a little more often when you had the opportunity to shoot.

Opportunities came, but especially one play seemed to summarize the night.

Captain Carson Perry was on fire, feeding his linemates and sending a lot of rubber piroshki paths. With less than three minutes left to play 4-4, Perry remained wide open a few feet in front of the net. He decked, the goalkeeper collapsed, and the shot crossed the net.

Perry had nothing to do, but was frustrated and hit the ice with his stick.

Peterborough Pete 2019 Draft Topic Riley Wood was able to put the beginning of the season in the pot with power play, leaving a third minute and a half to break the shutout, but the story was written.

A note about the helpful staff dealing with Covid’s reality at a large indoor public event: Things went smoothly as expected.

Vaccine passports are a layer of responsibility that warns organizations to appear early, and most of the crowd did. Once inside, a quick check of vaccination evidence and writing of contact tracing information was successfully handled by a few people who were tasked with creating a safe space under state health orders.

It wasn’t a crowd — attendance was limited to 250 due to Covid’s regulations — but the people who came were treated to fast-paced games with great expectations for so many fresh faces. rice field.

After the bombardment by the Londoners on October 6, Rockets’ record was 1-3. They played two games on Thanksgiving weekend and tried to get back to .500. Next, we will play Sarnia on October 14th.

Lots of sizzles, small steaks of rocket loss

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