Lorne Michaels tried to convince Mike Myers to recreate “Graduation” first instead of “Wayne’s World”

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Mike Myers reveals that “Wayne’s World” was rarely created.

The actor sat down with director David O. Russell at the Netflix IsA Joke Festival on Wednesday to talk about his career and comedy.

Immediately after Myers joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” Lorne Michaels proposed to shoot a remake of “Graduation.”

“He pitched me a movie-he said,’I want you to remake your graduates,'” he recalled. result. “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he told the producer.

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The classic movie followed the story of a graduate who was involved with a flirtatious and much older woman. It didn’t seem to be ripe for the remake.

Apparently Michaels didn’t take this well and said, “I just provided you with the movie.”

Myers then said, “You don’t have to remake’Graduation’. It’s a perfect movie. And a little guy shouldn’t stand in the shoes of a great guy.”

Instead, the actor pitched Wayne’s World in the movie version of the “SNL” skit, and the producer replied, “Really?” – Myers explained that “you are ridiculous”.

Despite the hiccups, “Wayne’s World” became a box office revenue and maintained its cult status to this day.

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One of the big challenges was deciding which song to use in the iconic headbanging scene.

“The loan kept down [my office door] At the Billboard Hot 100, it was Guns N’Roses, Guns N’Roses, and Guns N’Roses, “said Myers. “I love Guns N’Roses. There is no Guns N’Roses joke.”

After the actor convinced Michaels that “Bohemian Rhapsody” was the right choice and was convinced, he went to battle for it.

“He talked to the studio on my behalf and made it happen. He initially made it happen. [against it]But then he became the biggest champion of it, “he added.

The song selection also made a lot of sense because it made great memories for him.

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During the 2018 movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the comedian was actually sitting next to Queen member Brian May.

“Brian May turns to me. [‘Bohemian Rhapsody’] It’s turned on, he says. [‘Wayne’s World’] And he loved it, “I cried on the spot,” Myers said. “I didn’t know until now. I didn’t know he saw it until then.”

Lorne Michaels tried to convince Mike Myers to recreate “Graduation” first instead of “Wayne’s World”

Source link Lorne Michaels tried to convince Mike Myers to recreate “Graduation” first instead of “Wayne’s World”

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