Lorenzo Insigne receives a warm welcome from loyal Toronto FC players

Hundreds of hands gathered to form a heart when Toronto-Toronto FC fans sang and cheered on Lorenzo Insigne.

Visibly touched, Incine quickly returned a loving gesture.

Incine was officially introduced to Toronto FC fans on Friday night. This is a celebration about seven months after the Italian national team signed with the Major League Football Club on January 8th.

“Thank you for coming,” Insigne said through an interpreter. “I hope we can contribute to Toronto and bring victory during the match.”

After that, Incine switched to English and shouted “All for One!” To conclude her short appearance on stage. Fans cheer for the Toronto FC motto and head towards the microphone.

With Toronto setting a 4-3-8 record at the MLS 14-team Eastern Conference and finishing 12th, his arrival could bring hope to the TFC season.

A 31-year-old from Naples, Italy, has played 416 games and scored 132 goals, mainly in Serie A club Naples.

Insigne (pronounced In-SEEN-ya) has a four-year contract with the Reds to participate in MLS as the highest-paying player.

He has overtaken Chicago’s Xherdan Shaqiri, who is currently above US $ 8,153,000 on the league’s salary list.

Incine said on Friday he was heading for a challenge.

“(TFC President Bill Manning) did a great job. He really pitched me to the project, and the project is great,” said Incine, a tribute to his wife. rice field.

“I know it’s difficult because it’s my first time away from Naples, but it will be great for me and my family.”

He will play his first game against San Jose Earthquakes at home on July 9, two days after the MLS secondary transfer window opens.

TFC will have played 18 of 34 regular season games by then.

Veteran left-back Domenico Criscito is reported to have agreed to a deal with Toronto FC, so Insigne’s help may be on the way.

The 35-year-old defender has been playing for Genoa since 2018.

Hundreds of people waited for Incine for hours on the side streets of Little Italy in downtown Toronto.

A small stage was set up next to the popular Cafe Diplomatico restaurant, where MCs Maria Papadakis and Rick Campanelli performed dance music while entertaining the audience with prizes and contests.

Fan Kamil Cartel, who took the stage to see how long he could scream “goals” like the Italian football broadcaster, said he loves to see Toronto FC fans get together. rice field.

“It’s great to see a lot of familiar faces around,” said the cartel, gesturing to the crowd. “I love it when I have such a big signature. I love it when the community gets together.”

Approximately 20 members of the Naples Club Toronto were at hand, wearing insigne jerseys and carrying scarves and banners with the team logo.

When Incine arrived at the scene with police escorts, members of the Supporters Club led a chant in Naples to welcome Incine.

“He’s like Diego Maradona of our generation,” said Luca Lombardi, referring to the co-winners of the 20th-century FIFA players who played in Naples from 1984 to 1991.

“Maradona was the hero of all Naples people when he was playing for the people of Naples in the 1980s and 1990s.

“For us in the 2000s, 2010s and 2020s, Incine is our hero. This is what makes the most sense to us.”

Lorenzo Insigne receives a warm welcome from loyal Toronto FC players

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