Loft47 Leads Real Estate Back Office Accounting Innovation with Smart Integration, Canadian Business Journal

Vancouver, British Columbia, April 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WAV Group, Inc. has released a detailed report for real estate brokers in need of the latest robust back office solutions. WAV Group Report Smart back office integration saves broker time and money Learn how the integration of Loft47 with industry-standard transaction management platforms and accounting systems is SMART, creating a highly flexible technology stack that addresses the complexity of individual brokerage firms.

Loft47 Is the latest fee management and accounting platform that is growing rapidly across North America, integrated with other major back office technologies. The WAV Group has found a way to go beyond the buzzword “integration” and make Loft47’s smart architecture a solution that goes beyond the integration box check. These high-quality integrations with richly functional APIs drive a seamless intermediary back office from contract to termination.

The ever-increasing adoption of digital tools for the real estate business has spurred the introduction of new and up-to-date software in space. Brokers rely on a number of these latest tools to streamline backoffice data flow, including any combination of list management, form generation, digital signatures, transaction management, fee management, payments, and accounting. increase. FCMs can also strategically expand their operations by adding goal-setting, metrics and reporting tools to the technology stack.

Many companies are trying to fit all their products in one size, but the real estate options are still the best. It is nearly impossible to force agents to adopt a single transaction management platform or require accountants to use real estate-specific accounting ledgers. WAV group Loft47 found that it elegantly combines brokerage firm transaction management, fee management, payments, accounting, and reporting into one cohesive solution. Save time and money at each step.

The efficiency gains of modern platforms are often lost on non-interconnected systems. These systems have proven to suffer from redundancy, resulting in data entry errors.

The Wav Group report highlights the strengths of Loft47’s transaction management platforms SkySlope, Dotloop, and DocuSign Rooms. Loft47 is the leading fee management engine designed using SMART integration as part of its core product. The WAV Group has verified that Loft 47 is capable of adapting to the flexibility and choice of technology tools without losing functionality. “If you are a broker who likes to provide agents with a choice of products to use to manage transactions, Loft47 is perfect. Brokers can configure all three transaction management products at the same time, so agents can configure them at the same time. Make one of them available. “

Sasha HryciukFrom the beginning, the founder and CEO was eager to build Loft47 to connect to other best-in-class tools. “Loft 47 is an accounting-first fee management platform designed to support simple data flows,” Hryciuk continues. “Brokers and agents need to be able to choose the tools that meet their business needs while still enjoying the benefits of a connected seamless workflow. Integration should not be considered later.”

David Gumpper, Head of Technology for the WAV Group, has a broad history of back office technology. He understands the need for seamless data flow. “My expertise has allowed me to consult with many large and small brokerage firms to put together the data so that the Loft 47 is out of the box and ready to use. The most common on the market, such as Dotloop, SkySlope and DocuSign. If you’re already using some of the tools, Loft47 is the ideal choice and operational game changer. ” Visit the Loft47 website to learn more about smart integration.

About Loft47
Loft47 is a complete back office solution for real estate agents and agencies. Loft47 integrates with other real estate tools to efficiently manage transactions, fees, fees, and communication with closing parties. For more information, please visit the following URL:

About WAV Group

WAV Group is a leading consulting firm in the residential real estate industry, serving many of the largest and most successful SMEs, including real estate agents, technology companies, local, state and national real estate associations. increase. The WAV Group supports the evolution and growth of each client by providing outstanding in-depth experience in technology, strategic planning, research, business development, sales, product development, marketing, and communications in the real estate industry. The company’s diverse collection of global industry experience allows us to fertilize ideas with each other and provide our clients with the best solutions. For more information, please visit the following URL:

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Loft47 Leads Real Estate Back Office Accounting Innovation with Smart Integration, Canadian Business Journal

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