Lockton introduces new asset protection team

The team is headed by Saladoonie, who joined Rockton in April and led the LEAP team and executive risk claims. According to Rockton, she is one of the top D & O, digital asset, executive risk claim and coverage experts in the United States.

“In addition to being the core of a digital asset-centric company, digital assets are playing an increasingly important role in more traditional businesses, and the need for insurance in this area is increasing,” Downey said. Stated. “The digital asset ecosystem has grown significantly in recent years, and the need for insurance in this area is even greater.”

The LEAP team works with clients on the most significant risk concerns in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, including crime insurance, seed insurance, director and officer liability, negligence and omission insurance, and cyber insurance. With support from the entire organization, including capital markets, reinsurance, captives and guarantees, the team adjusts coverage and creates new products and new insurance capacities.

“The LEAP team is in line with Rockton’s mission to bring high-level consulting and risk management services to the market,” said Karl Moore, a global professional and financial risk partner.

“We are committed to working with organizations as they navigate the insurance industry,” said Robrussell, Rockton’s Regional Director of Global Professional and Financial Risk Practices in Asia. Stated. “Our goal is to help them ultimately drive business growth and continued development.”

Lockton introduces new asset protection team

Source link Lockton introduces new asset protection team

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