Local vaccines assess AHS concerns

In southern Alberta, imbalanced immunization rates are seen in rural and urban centers.

In the rural counties and municipalities surrounding Medicine Hat, few have an initial inoculation rate of more than 60%, and some have not yet reached 50%. Meanwhile, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge both reported more than 70% of the total population in at least one shot, Hat reported 73.9%, or 50,359, and Lethbridge reported 77.1% in the west, south and north. 78.1% and 77.1% are reported, respectively, part of the city.

The region with the lowest vaccination coverage in southern Alberta is Macleod (South Willow Creek Municipality) in Lethbridge County, Warner County, with less than 60%. Taber Municipality is located at 47.8% and Forty Mile County is just 41.2%, exceeding the 40% threshold.

Alberta Health Services does not provide the reason behind the regional and urban disparity, but confirmed in its release that it is working to raise rural immunization rates.

“AHS continues to partner with state-wide rural communities and specific populations, including indigenous partners, to provide immune clinics throughout Alberta,” read Thursday’s release.

“In local communities, local government leaders within each community have worked with AHS to improve access to vaccines, reduce vaccine hesitation, and increase immunization rates. Includes providing the clinic in a culturally sensitive way to community groups, such as by ensuring that is located in an accessible location and through supportive translations, volunteers, etc. ”

AHS places particular emphasis on education and outreach opportunities, as well as community partnerships with healthcare professionals, employers and religious leaders.

“State-wide pharmacies and physicians have played an important role in ensuring that rural people have access to vaccines,” the release read. “Local immune clinics have both pre-booking and carry-on booking options … Family participation in immune clinics is encouraged to promote intake for all ages. Individuals at home. Can be immunized with a special home program. ”

With the latest development of pediatric vaccines, AHS has launched a new COVID-19 immunization web page for children ( to make informed decisions about immunization for parents, parents and families. We will provide you with the latest information and resources to help you. ”

Regardless of vaccination status, Alberts are required to continue to wear masks in public places and are encouraged to stay socially distant and wash their hands frequently.

Local vaccines assess AHS concerns

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