Local elders who traveled to Edmonton have mixed reactions to Pope’s apology

Pope Francis. Photographs by Jeffrey Bruno/Flickr are used under a Creative Commons license.

Boarding school survivors say Pope’s apology “wasn’t enough” for some elders who traveled to Edmonton from the Beardies and Okemassis First Nation.

Guylene Sutherland, an Indian boarding school support worker and boarding school survivor at Willow Cree Health Service in Beardies and Okemassis, was the first to hear the Pope’s apology in person on July 25. He said he had brought 40 elders from the country.

Only half of the 40 elders accepted the pope’s visit.

“Some people had mixed feelings, some were angry, some didn’t really care,” Sutherland said. “They were still working on that part of themselves. increase.”

During a meeting with Indigenous leaders in Edmonton, Alberta, Pope Francis spoke of “grief, resentment and shame” about the Catholic Church’s role in abusing Indigenous children in Canada’s boarding schools.

Edmonton was the first stop on the Pope’s “Pilgrimage of Repentance”, where he apologized and promised a “serious investigation” into what happened at the school.

Sutherland said many survivors found the lack of awareness of the sexual abuse that took place at boarding schools unheard of, while many other abuses were mentioned.

“It’s like I was pushed to the side, [sexual abuse] It was a big part of the trauma and the trauma that was passed down from generation to generation. ”

She said she noticed many elders becoming apathetic while facing the trauma the visit brought.

Sutherland said the apology was dishonest and that more could be done regarding the settlement.

“I myself have mixed feelings. A lot of us felt like it wasn’t sincere,” she said. He didn’t admit that the church was wrong.He was just reading what someone had written for him.

Pope Francis landed in Edmonton on July 24 and met with Indigenous leaders and boarding school survivors. He also toured the site of the Arminskin Residential School, which operated until 1975. He also spoke at Edmonton’s Sacred Heart Church and gave Mass at Commonwealth Stadium.

His trip was the Pope’s fourth visit to Canada. The Pope also stopped in Quebec and Nunavut before his departure.


Local elders who traveled to Edmonton have mixed reactions to Pope’s apology

Source link Local elders who traveled to Edmonton have mixed reactions to Pope’s apology

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