Local doctor urges people to help Pakistan flood relief effort

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A local doctor who helped set up a field hospital in Pakistan to support flood relief efforts is encouraging people to donate to trusted organizations after witnessing the devastation firsthand.

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Dr. Fozia Alvi put work at her clinic in Airdrie on hold this month to spend several days in Pakistan, providing medical relief through the healthcare non-profit Humanity Auxilium. While in her native Pakistan, Alvi worked in a field hospital, helping open it and seeing hundreds of patients.

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“I knew things were bad, but when I got there, I realized things were worse than I imagined,” Arvi said on Tuesday, his first day back in Canada.

She has previously assisted in medical emergencies like this, working in Rohingya refugee camps and helping people in Yemen and Syria, but her few days in Pakistan saw more sick people than anywhere else. He said he saw children and malnourished families.

Pakistan’s historic floods affected 33 million people, including an estimated 16 million children, according to UNICEF. The unprecedented monsoon season that began in June has destroyed homes, farms, crops and critical infrastructure such as schools.

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Soldiers of the Pakistan Army use boats to move internally displaced people in flooded areas to safety after heavy monsoon rains in Usta Mohammed city, Jafarabad district, Balochistan province, on September 18, 2022. FIDA HUSSAIN/AFP via Getty Images

With more than 650,000 women expected to give birth in dangerous conditions in the coming weeks, Alvi has made it a point to give birth in a field hospital for her, local doctors, and other non-governmental organizations she meets. I mentioned that it is important to arrange the kit.

The pregnant woman she saw was iron deficient and malnourished, she said.

Despite his desire to return to Pakistan to continue working in a field hospital, Alvi said he struggled to find someone to cover the clinic, even though he was away for 10 days this month. rice field.

“But I keep in touch with other volunteers, and every two weeks we send a doctor out from the US or Canada in a rotating system to help them,” says Alvi. “The need is huge and we are trying to fill some gaps, but honestly the gap is very wide.”

Alvi encourages people to donate and support organizations they trust.

“Just give me a hand,” she said.

The Canadian government will donate up to $3 million to the Humanitarian Aid Coalition through September 28 in response to floods in Pakistan. Canada has allocated an additional $25 million to support flood relief efforts and development projects across the country, on top of her $5 million announced in August.
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Local doctor urges people to help Pakistan flood relief effort

Source link Local doctor urges people to help Pakistan flood relief effort

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