Lloyds announces partnership for new investment platform

According to Lloyd, the platform is designed to give investors attractive risk-adjusted capital returns and access to a wider range of investment opportunities. By consolidating market investment funds under one umbrella, participants can enjoy economies of scale and low cost benefits. Environmental, social and governance standards are built into the platform fund, Lloyd said.

“At Lloyds, we are focused on profitable and sustainable growth, so we have created this new platform to help investors access and co-invest in the Lloyds market,” said Chief Financial Officer. Burkhard Keese, also and Chief Operating Officer, said. Executive Officer of Lloyds. “People who participate in the platform will benefit from greater scale and investment expertise, in addition to their ability to prioritize green and socially responsible investment in our market, and therefore in the future. Designed with profitable growth in mind. “

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Eleanor Bucks, Chief Investment Officer of Lloyd, said: “The benefits vary from investor to investor. For some, they will have access to fund strategies such as private assets, where size can be an issue. For others, bespoke Schroders Solutions. It will be a smoother decision made possible by strategy and selection of best-in-class managers. We look forward to good conversations with market participants in setting up the platform and welcome the new fund in late 2022. I’m looking forward to that. “

Pete Harrison, Group Chief Executive Officer of Schroeder, said: “This is a groundbreaking appointment for Schroeder and reflects how our market-wide capabilities help our clients solve their complex investment requirements. Over 500 years of investment and insurance market tradition. And the combined expertise creates a unique and innovative relationship that focuses on the individual investment needs of Lloyds and its syndicated members. “

Lloyds announces partnership for new investment platform

Source link Lloyds announces partnership for new investment platform

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