Livebeam: What is it and how does it work?

Unlike your ordinary social media platforms, Livebeam is focused to let you do more than just get entertained and chat. The platform is all about inspiring genuine and productive communication. It is also about meeting new people who are ready to share their feelings and skills with you.

In this article you will learn about Livebeam to become a more productive member of society.

Livebeam is where you go when you feel like sharing your feelings with people who really care, won’t judge, or bully you around. People on the platform form a community that is caring and one that challenges you to become a better person.

If you would like to go off the ordinary platform for something that will satisfy your need for communication, try Livebeam!

Here is what to expect from the platform:

Joining is free

You will not be charged to sign up, no card is required at first, and even better — there is a free trial for users. Signing up is also easy: you can do so with your email address or Google Sign In and add a brief bio with at least one fact about yourself. Your bio will help you link up with a group of people with the same interests as you have.

Other details you will be asked to provide while signing up include gender, name, and date of birth.


Livebeam is designed with features that help you communicate and make connections with the right people with ease. It lets you get lost in a world of Livestreaming and great storytelling. You can interact with diverse people through chatting or impressions.

You don’t have to wait for someone who shares the same interests as you to find you. Instead, you can use the search button to find someone matching your area of interests.

Customer Service

Customer service must be efficient and convenient so that issues can be solved fastly. Livebeam customer service can be accessed 24/7, issues are also promptly solved. You can reach out to friendly customer service at any time of day or night to help you if you are stuck with any concern on the platform.

All users are verified

No robots or fake profiles are allowed on the platform, every user is a real human with a real profile. Therefore you don’t have to worry about establishing connections with fake people like it happens on other platforms. Knowing that the other person is real may help you and them to express feelings and thoughts comfortably.

Meet anyone

If you like meeting new people, the platform is filled with thousands of those that are looking to network and share their facts or stories with the right person. If you are hoping to meet a friend to develop a sense of connection with or just looking for a casual chat with someone, then this platform is for you.

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