Lightning sets Kelowna home on fire – Okanagan

Beginning with Kelowna couple Denise and Denise Campbell’s usual night – the night of August 22 – part of their home went up in flames.

They had just finished dinner outside when they saw a storm starting to pick up and decided to go inside.

“We were just sitting there trying to play a game and we heard this big crack. It was the loudest noise I’ve ever heard in my life. We actually jumped out of our skin,” said Dennis. .

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Shortly after, the couple heard screaming and went outside to see what had happened. At that time, a neighbor shouted that the house was on fire.

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The couple soon realized that the chimney had been struck by lightning, setting the gas meter on fire and lighting the side of the house in flames.

“I got a crescent wrench and realized I could stop the gas pipe because it burst and a spark from the chimney ignited the gas and it spewed out the side of the house. Because there was a problem, ”said Dennis.

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Coincidentally, the same lightning strike that struck their home appeared to be the same bolt seen in dramatic photos taken at Magic Estates during the Osoyoos couple’s engagement.

There’s no way to prove that the exact lightning strikes were the same, but considering how close Magic Estates is to my home, it’s possible they were.

Hundreds of lightning strikes hit their neighborhood during a thunderstorm that night.

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1,200 lightning strikes expected at Kamloops Fire Center, BC WildFire Service said:

“(The engagement) happened almost simultaneously, but when the fire department arrived, one of the first things the firefighters said was that there had been about 500 lightning strikes in the last hour.” Dennis said.

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The fire department told them that if they weren’t home, tending to a fire when they were at home, they would likely lose their 38-year home.

“This could have been worse,” said Dennis.

The couple are currently working to repair the damage the house has suffered.

Lightning sets Kelowna home on fire – Okanagan

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