Letter to the Editor: More Power for the Mayor, Not a “Super” Idea

Here is a letter to the editor of Otawasan today.

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Re: Strong pushback.Councilors plan for Ford to strengthen mayor’s office on July 21

You don’t need a “super mayor” here. There will be fewer councilors.

Dear Premier Ford, don’t think. It’s too dangerous for the rest of us. I want to strengthen one person by weakening another. A typical Canadian approach to establishing Ottawa’s oligarchy. Why don’t you lift everyone up and stick out to make everyone stronger?

Or, you’ve reduced the Toronto council to 25 in Fiat, so why not reduce the size of the Ottawa council? Ottawa is much smaller than the Great Toronto. What about the 15 councilors in Ottawa?

What concept to reduce typical inflation.

Diane Cross


(Good idea!)

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Ottawa Bumpy Ride

I just came back from a trip to Ottawa and I can’t believe the shape of the road. It’s been a few years since I returned to Japan, but in my life I rarely wobbled when I was driving a car. City.

Sure, Jimmy’s Chu Chu doesn’t go anywhere, but you can see that he’s sucking up all the money that should be spent on road repairs.

Mark Boyer

Kelowna, British Columbia

(Wow, hmm … or bump, bump.)

Roger, that wasn’t a surprise

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters considers him much more important than Drake and The Weeknd. I don’t know anything about Drake or The Weeknd music, but I’m a Pink Floyd fan. I would say I saw Roger Waters’ concert “The Wall”. As the concert progressed, it was … OK. On the other hand, my pulse DVD is over OK. That’s amazing, and Waters hasn’t participated in it.

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Waters is currently on a tour called This is Nota Drill. It makes sense. 78 of a man. The drill was done decades ago.

Anyway, to answer Roger Waters’ question about why his Toronto concert wasn’t reviewed, the answer may be hard for Waters to swallow, but it’s not a hard question to answer. That’s because he’s not David Gilmour. pain! Shining on it, you are a crazy diamond.

Jill Young


(No education required.)

Pierre Inn and Liberal win

Two things happen when Pierre Poirievre is elected leader of the Conservative Party. The Liberal Party wins another election and the result is almost the same as the last unnecessary election.

The Conservative Party is Canada’s most dysfunctional party. Blue Tory vs Red Tory. Apart from that, Poilievre will not make a profit in Québec. It does not affect NDP support. They will still carry progressive votes.

The Western Conservatives and the Tax and Spending Liberal Party will be back in the next few years.

Jonathan Derby

(I think it’s correct.)


My opinion: I believe that all electronic traffic to space around the world, including satellites, telephones, the Internet, military, radio, television and other electronic signals, is a major cause of climate change.



(Is possible.)

Letter to the Editor: More Power for the Mayor, Not a “Super” Idea

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