Letter to the Editor, August 25, 2022

As a qualified, as yet undecided voter of the Conservative leadership, I read with interest Jean Charest’s Open Letter to Members of the Conservative Party of Canada (22 August). Charest often talks about “our conservative movement,” but I’ve never heard him say whether he would run for the MP’s seat if he lost leadership. In that case, I suspect he will disappear again. He said Poilievre “used the weaknesses of non-voters and gave them a platform.” Well, isn’t that exactly what politicians should be aiming for, especially when only 30% or 40% of voters show up at the polls? Personally, I think Charest can beat Trudeau, but I suspect it will end up with the same old, same old liberal propaganda/perspective. Gene, will you run for seat, win or lose leadership? Yes or no? Not yet decided.

Peter Burks


(He may also be undecided about it yet)

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As for the full page by Jean Charest on August 22nd, I’ve been trying to figure out who made the money on it.did toronto sun paid him to put this commercial – or he toronto sun how to run it? He makes some great points for him, but nowhere is your usual information placed at the end of this “work” to advise the reader about the history of the writer, that Charest actually triumphed. I don’t see any mention of the fact that it had a sole political leadership role.The people’s vote was when, as a member of the Liberal Party, he was elected Liberal Prime Minister of Quebec. For voters new to politics, they may not know this. Sun Granted on August 20th letter to the editor Warren Kinsella is “a shameless liberal, and he doesn’t hide it. But he’s also one of the toughest critics of the current Trudeau liberal government.” He too can be seen as a harsh critic of the current Liberal Trudeau government, but does he want another Liberal supporter as Conservative leader?

Joanne Lever


(We express our views from all levels of government and from all political parties without exchanging money. If you are planning to vote in the Conservative leadership race, consider your options. , the onus is on you to decide who can beat the liberals.)

Charest is liberal

The open letter from Charest, however you spin it, whatever nonsense you spew about Pierre Poirivre’s handshake, the bottom line is that you don’t want another liberal from Quebec as prime minister.

Gord Mims


(And it’s your choice not to support him)

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Re August 23, page 1 toronto sun Regarding Laith Marouf and his comment calling “Jewish white supremacists” “human feces bags”. Think it’s a perfect example of “pot/kettle/black”?

Nelly Brand


Letter to the Editor, August 25, 2022

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