Letter of 26 August 2022

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I wanted to take Via Rail from Edmonton to Halifax for a conference this fall. I told the sales person that I am ex-military and looking for a single cabin for a long trip. She then informed me that trains only leave Edmonton east twice a week and that even with the above reduction the fare would be over $2,000.

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With all the promises made over the last few decades to improve rail passenger service in this country, the current level of service is a joke when compared to Amtrak in the US, Europe and elsewhere. will you do Has your trip in Canada ever improved? Don’t hold your breath.

JG Gilmore, Calgary

Turbines are a key factor for German and Canadian governments

Re: Ukraine updates request for turbines.German leader’s visit urges Trudeau to reverse decision to ship needed pipeline parts in Russia, Aug. 22

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Thanks to Marie Wolfe and Mia Rabson for providing research reports on Russian turbines. The article reveals that not only her one turbine, which was central to all communications from Ottawa, but up to six turbines will be returned over the next two years.

A related and misleading soundbite from Ottawa is a work impact at the Siemens facility in Ontario. About 7,000 similar turbines are in use worldwide. Business losses from his six turbines in Russia are not significant. Information control is always a political strategy!

Brian McConaghy, Heritage Pointe

democracy over profit

Re: Editorial Cartoons, August 24, 2022

A cartoon by Vance Rodewalt shows two Ukrainians toasting each other as Ukraine explodes around them. On page 2, Chris Varco reports that he had a surplus of more than $12.4 billion in oil charges last quarter. A day or two back, the Liberal government gave her $2 billion out of her $1 billion while Ukraine was bleeding for democracy.

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It is a shame to be profitable when you don’t have to put your boots on the ground shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine and wait to see how your southern neighbors will call you.

City dwellers say local power is good for country people

Anyone who lives in rural Alberta knows the luxury of a federal RCMP. They can tell you that this power is appreciated, but there are many caveats. For example, quitting a job, a stranger to the community, etc. New cadets, usually single, are sent to rural towns specifically for experience. In general, over time they move on. Constant turnover is not good, so this is a real drawback.

If Alberta has an army, towns can hire local individuals who meet police standards. These recruits from their own communities want their future families to be there and are able to participate locally.

Rural and urban communities of all sizes have won, and Alberta has put police guidelines under more provincial control according to local laws.

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Letter of 26 August 2022

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