Letter 25 November: Too many exemptions from inflation relief

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left out

I am 58 years old. i work for a living. I pay taxes Taxes that contribute to Alberta’s social programs. My tax dollars go to education and benefit every child in Alberta. Obviously there is no federal child tax, but my tax money definitely contributed. Apparently, these upcoming benefits are nil because I have no children. Please explain how this is fair.

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Lisa Thomasen

(Seems to be an oversight.)

flip response

I didn’t get to see the end of Rachel’s NDP counter-speech last night — after she counted about 18 “hair throws,” I couldn’t stand it. “Highlighted” the catty comments she was making about Danielle and UCP. I understand hair toss is part of the me/glamour/selfie generation, but could we expect more from an ambitious leader?

Larry Jansen

(Hair aside, what did you think of what she said?)

canceled christmas

I pity Lorne Gunter’s naivety in not seeing the forest through the trees, or, this year, the Christmas tree through the EDBA’s promised “festival forest” in Churchill Square. His two ubiquitous symbols of Christmas are Crèche and Christmas His Tree, the latter a victim of this year’s cancellation in Edmonton. The EDBA said in a year he could no longer afford one decorative softwood tree, and the mayor’s $7.75 billion capital budget would reduce his $124,000 due to carbon footprint. can’t find So, at face value, the ecological fascism practiced by the non-Christmas tree huggers at City Hall trumps the enjoyment of families, visitors, and those who prefer the Christmas/holiday trees in the central square. That’s democracy in Edmonton. Mr. Mayor, Mr. City Council, you are doing your best for the people.

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James Haliki

(Indeed, the city may have found the money.)

still out of order

I have read many of the letters you have posted and your comments on them. 1. No, technically Mayor Sohi did not make the decision to remove the tree. However, he stands by his DBA’s decision and continues to ignore letters and complaints from thousands of Edmontonians. He says it’s not his place that’s involved and he has no authority to change it. Put up the lights and thousands of DBAs will support people if it doesn’t matter. 2. Yes, he is appeasing certain groups. DBAs. He definitely wants a tree, enjoys a tree, loves traditions, and especially soothes those who come downtown for tree lighting. In short… get a tree, light it up and make sure everyone has a great Christmas and holiday season!

Valerie Egerson

(Leadership is about stepping up and doing the right thing. It would have been easy for the city to get the tree.)

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Letter 25 November: Too many exemptions from inflation relief

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