LETTER 23 SEPTEMBER: Alberta needs a strong leader to stand up to federal liberals

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Val Scofield’s distrust of Daniel Smith is understandable. She showed me a lack of understanding of Alberta’s sovereignty laws. Misinformation is very big in this culture. You say, “Damn, Daniel.” I say, “Fuck you for not understanding what’s really at stake.” This act would not be necessary if Trudeau stayed out of state business. So what is your solution to this problem? Or are you blaming other people for their woes, just like liberals? Someone has to stand up. What would you suggest as a solution to stop Trudeau from trying to destroy Alberta?

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Lorne Vanderwood

(Many Alberta politicians are big shots but ultimately bow to federal authority.)

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serious business

Justin Trudeau song bohemian rhapsody It shouldn’t surprise anyone. If you let a jester into the palace, instead of him becoming a prince, the palace becomes a circus.

Bill Crawford

(I think he is better under pressure.)

a little low

What an inappropriate caricature of the Wednesday newspaper! Shame on those who do.

A. Mikkelsen

(Save your shame comment for the really important stuff.)

no encore for you

Our Prime Minister is a disgrace to all of Canada and the whole world.he cemented his position by trying to sing bohemian rhapsody at an English pub. He sang better in Mexican pubs when he had as many drinks as he did. Our Prime Minister does nothing for our country, either at home or on the world stage. He needs to be kicked out ASAP.

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George Ewart

(Let’s not overreact here.)

london rhapsody

So glad you published this true story of Justin Trudeau singing and possibly getting drunk in a hotel bar while in London for the Queen’s funeral.Television news outlets had nothing to say about it, trying to keep Trudeau from sounding immature and embarrassed.

ivy gray

(After being freaked out a few times, who hasn’t ruined a Queen song?)

top of the pops

Yet another display of deviant behavior by Canada’s “leaders”. Singing pop songs in a bar on the eve of the Queen’s funeral was totally inappropriate. He clearly treated the trip to England as just a holiday excursion. GG should fire him.

Vera McIntosh

(GG should have done some backup vocals, and it wasn’t the night before the funeral.)


I read a statement by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh that he sees no reason to work with Pierre Polivre. It is fine. When elections are held, Poilievre wins the majority. So we don’t need the help of weak people or political parties like the Liberal Democratic Party.

Ed Skelding

(What a joke.)

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LETTER 23 SEPTEMBER: Alberta needs a strong leader to stand up to federal liberals

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