Lena Dunham directs NSFW’s sexual awakening story with “Sharp Stick”

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Warning: This is an NSFW trailer.

Lena Dunham is reconstructing the story of women’s sexuality.

The actress’s next director’s feature is the movie “Sharp Stick,” played by Kristine Froseth, about the sexual awakening of caregiver Sarah Joe.

Sarah Joe begins a relationship with her married boss, played by Jon Bernthal. When he rudely abandons her after her wife discovers her case, Sarah Joe begins her sexual exploration and healing journey in this cheerful yet empowering comedy. increase.

Dunham, who also wrote the script for the movie, wanted to reinvent the story of women’s desires and blame it.

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“Sharp Stick” -Photo: Sundance Institute

“It’s as old a joke as celluloid that the moment you find a sexually active girl in a horror movie, she knows she’ll die of a bloody death,” Dunham said in a statement. IndieWire.. “She was marked as murder because someone touched her under her neck. But there are more subtle crimes we commit against women with cameras. There, sex. Female characters who dare to travel to the target may not be completely killed, but they endure another kind of torture-another exquisite and subtle.

“It is a torture of loneliness and regret for judgment, doubt, self-doubt, and choice, and should ultimately be part of the structure of self-actualization, just like a male partner.”

Dunham then created his own framework for characters to explore their sexual desires without being shy.

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“Crossing the torts of these films, I began to imagine characters whose sexual journeys are completely unique and not hurt by shame, self-loathing, or the projection of others,” she added. rice field. “She did not use sex to destroy her body, but healed it from the history of medicalized trauma and cultural projection.”

Starring Taylour Paige and co-producing a movie. The cast also includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Luka Sabbat, Ebon Moss Bachrac, and Scott Speedman.

“Sharp Stick” will premiere in New York and Los Angeles on July 29th and will be released nationwide on August 5th. It will be available for digital streaming on August 16th.

Lena Dunham directs NSFW’s sexual awakening story with “Sharp Stick”

Source link Lena Dunham directs NSFW’s sexual awakening story with “Sharp Stick”

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