Legault suspends campaign to deal with Hurricane Fiona fallout

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QUEBEC — François Legault has suspended his campaign until further notice to address the possible impact of Hurricane Fiona hitting Quebec, including Ile de la Madeleine.

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Wearing a prime minister’s hat, Lego released a statement and a series of tweets saying he was concerned about the hurricane’s potential impact and hoped he was ready to act.

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“We are thinking of the people of the North Shore and the Île de la Madeleine,” said the leader of the federation Avenir-Québec. “It looks like Hurricane Fiona is heading straight for the island.

“We are doing our best, but all governments are ready. You are a strong Madelino. Know that all Quebec is with you.”

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In fact, the Lego campaign was supposed to visit the archipelago on Monday. intensifying.

Shortly after Lego’s announcement, Quebec Solidaire co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois also announced a suspension of Saturday’s political activity.

“It’s time for solidarity,” Nadeau-Dubois said in a tweet. “Courage to the people of the North Shore, Madeleine, Gaspésie. Quebec stands with you.”

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At the same time, Quebec Liberal Party leader Dominique Engloud said he was in contact with other parties to consider what to do next.

“We are learning that the situation in eastern Quebec can be difficult,” Anglade said at a campaign rally in Gatineau. “All parties are in touch to find out how best to meet the needs of eastern Quebec, depending on how the storm hits.”

Anglade said he was in contact with Madeleine’s Liberal Party candidate, Gil Terrio, to ensure everyone was safe.

Anglade added that it’s still too early to know if she’ll be taking a break from the campaign as well.

“I think we are all on high alert and waiting to see what happens,” Anglad said. “We must ensure everyone’s safety and take all necessary measures.”

It’s unclear how the rest of the campaign will play out over the weekend.

Quebec Party leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon had already canceled Thursday’s campaign after he said he was exhibiting flu-like symptoms. He tested negative for his COVID-19 twice.

Jesse Feith of the Montreal Gazette contributed to this report.

Legault suspends campaign to deal with Hurricane Fiona fallout

Source link Legault suspends campaign to deal with Hurricane Fiona fallout

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