Legault Calls for Quebec General Election: ‘I Want a Real Majority’

Voters in the state’s 125 constituencies will go to the polls on Monday, October 3rd.

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Quebec – Go racing. Voters in the 125 Quebec constituencies will go to the polls on Monday, October 3rd.

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Prime Minister Francois Legault on Sunday took the final legislative step to kick off the 2022 general election campaign. Early Sunday morning, he visited the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec to dissolve the 42nd Congress.

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J. Michel Doyon’s signature kicks off a 36-day campaign during which five major parties and many smaller parties will try to win over voters.

“Today is an important day for democracy,” Legoth said as he arrived in the ornate hallway and was greeted by Doyoung. “Voices are with people.”

Later, upon exiting the room, Legoto paused briefly to speak to the reporter.

“We have five priorities,” says Legault. “Protect education, the economy, the environment, healthcare and France,” he said. “I want a real majority, so 63 seats or more.”

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“Which mount would you like to lose?” quipped the reporter? CAQ currently holds 76 mounts.

Earlier, Lego, who had arrived at a meeting with his wife, Isabel Brace, was smiling under the clear skies.

He said he is excited to launch the campaign. He said, like all campaigns, the big questions are at stake. He added that he was delighted to have spent five weeks in such close contact with the media.

“I told them[his MNA]to go see the voters and not take anything for granted,” Lego said, referring to his favorable position in the polls. “Trust must be earned every day.”

So Lego and his team jumped on his election bus. We set our course towards the nearby Montmorency Falls. where he holds press conferences.

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The caravan then heads for Jonquière’s mount. One of his CAQ goals in this election is to win constituencies previously held by the weakened Quebec Party, and this is one of his. It’s no coincidence that Legoto appeared on the first day of the campaign.

The liberal campaign also began in Quebec City, where leader Dominique Anglaide’s big red campaign bus was parked next to the National Assembly, just behind the CAQ bus. Both feature the faces of their leaders.

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The weather is sunny, cool, sunny,

The campaign begins with the latest polls pointing to another Coalition Avenir Québec majority government. This is likely greater than the majority CAQ won in his 2018.

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A new Léger poll for Quebec media shows CAQ’s approval rating at 42%, well ahead of its closest rival, the Liberal Party, at 17%. Solidarity in Quebec followed with 15%, followed by Conservative Party of Quebec with 14%, and finally Party of Quebec with 9%.

Among the major demographic, the French-speaking vote, liberals hit a historic low of 7%.

On the other hand, as PQ discovered in 2014, campaigns can be full of surprises. While CAQ is in the lead, the same poll said he could change his mind with 38% of voters.

And even with CAQ dominating the state, there are plenty of promising local races worth noting. I want to

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With three threats: Brock Montreal, the Quebec Canadian Party and the Conservative Party, the competition is fierce. CAQ also hopes to take advantage of the split in the vote, which takes into account the opposition field where electoral options are crowded, and increase Island his riding from his two.

Montreal is going to be hot too. Because his two leaders, Anglade and PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, will try to get elected there. Anglade is seeking re-election on mount Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne. Plamondon, the new leader of the bloc, seeks to be elected in the East Montreal equestrian of Bourget, who has been renamed Camille Rollin.

However, CAQ also faces stiff competition from the Conservative Party in the Quebec City area, which has three constituencies. Conservative leader Eric Duheim has been filling City Hall with his supporters for weeks, making CAQ his machine nervous. He started his campaign with Showbo wanting to win the election.

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East Quebec will be another hot battlefield with PQ clinging to the remaining seats facing the CAQ bulldozers.

Interestingly, some voter forecasting experts have suggested that the CAQ could add more than 20 stable seats, with a majority of Quebec citizens taking part in the poll saying that they are “absolute powers.” ” in the hands of CAQ. form a formal opposition party, Liberal or QS, on October 3.

In terms of issues, the campaign is expected to focus on basic questions such as cost of living and health care. But while liberals try to strip his CAQ shine, they have failed to highlight elements of the 2018 election platform.

A key moment is the two TV debates where the leaders collide. The first debate he will be on TVA on September 15th, followed by his second debate on Radio Canada on September 22nd.

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Legault Calls for Quebec General Election: ‘I Want a Real Majority’

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