Lauren Ash Presses Ryan Reynolds To Cast As Mrs. White In ‘Clues’ Remake

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Lauren Ash has been campaigning to be the new Mrs. White in Ryan Reynolds’ remake of ‘Clue’ and shared a story on Twitter explaining how much she wants the role.

Ash leaked the story to her followers after tweeting here on ET Canada our support for her efforts to land the part produced by the great Madeline Kahn in the 1985 comic masterpiece. rice field.

“I feel like it’s time to share a story about clues with me that has never been before,” the “Superstore” actress started the thread, quoting ET Canada’s tweet. A few years ago, I pitched a script I had written, and basically had meetings with different producers, studios, etc., and tried to work with someone to make it. , at the time, was a meeting with someone who was involved in the remake of Crew with Ryan Reynolds.

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Ash recalled recalling the lyrics of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”, particularly the call to “get everything you ever wanted.”For years she said, ‘I’ll tell anyone who hears it’ [playing Mrs. White] It was the number one item on her to-do list. Without thinking, Ash decided to pivot and instead of talking about her script, pitched herself as the perfect actor to play Mrs. White.

She recalled that she “didn’t know where they were doing development on the film,” adding, “I don’t even know what this guy’s exact role was/wasn’t in the production.” No! But I couldn’t even control my words at this point. It was bigger than me.”

“I told him that Madeline Kahn playing Mrs. White in ‘Clue’ was the number one reason I wanted to be a comedy actor,” she continued. “When I saw her in her childhood, she wanted to do what she was doing.”

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Ash’s lobbying didn’t end after the conference. I remember doing an interview,” she wrote.

She admits that what she saw as an “impulse” or “attraction” may have been perceived as “unnecessarily intense,” but she didn’t back down and this time took to social media. Harnessing her power, she’s taking another big swing at Roll… to make her point. “[P]Perhaps after six seasons of the TV show, the general feedback was “pretty funny,” but now is a better time. [to pitch myself] for now! ” she tweeted.

“In short (too late), I’m just a girl, sitting in front of my laptop, @VancityReynolds To Think of fellow Canadians who have a deep, lifelong connection to this film…and a truly embarrassing Hollywood story that goes along with it.

You can read Ash’s full Twitter thread here.

Lauren Ash Presses Ryan Reynolds To Cast As Mrs. White In ‘Clues’ Remake

Source link Lauren Ash Presses Ryan Reynolds To Cast As Mrs. White In ‘Clues’ Remake

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