LaSalle donates $1 million to London hospital

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A LaSalle man who received a kidney transplant donated $1 million to a London hospital that performed life-saving procedures.

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The London Health Sciences Center announced Wednesday that Keith Lavagne and his wife Leanne have donated to the hospital’s urology department.

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The donation will be used to establish the Family Chair with Keith and Leanne Lavagne in Urology and to strengthen the department’s research and development.

Keith Lavergne, who received a kidney transplant from his cousin Dave Lavergne in August 2018, said: “The next 10 years will see remarkable progress from the research being conducted through his Chair of Lavergne. Our gift will help save more people suffering from kidney disease now and in the future. I hope that.”

The Lavergne Chair supports annual catalytic research grants and sustainable fellowship programs in specialized departments such as Transplantation, Oncology, Men’s Health, Functional Urology, Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery .

Keith and Lien Lavagne were shown in public at LaSalle’s home on Thursday, September 22, 2022. The couple donated his $1 million to the London Health Science Center after Keith received a life-saving kidney transplant. Photo by Dan Janis /windsor star

Funding will also be used for faculty training and a Master of Surgery Fellowship research project.

“The Lavergne Chair will enable us to conduct cutting-edge research, including moonshot projects in areas such as basic science, clinical trials, quality improvement and surgical education,” said Dr. Alp Sener says. “Ultimately, these research projects could have a significant impact on future patient care, but without funding, it would not be possible.”

LaSalle donates $1 million to London hospital

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