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Cole Derry has become Lumby’s home.

A local man in need of a kidney recently found a living donor for a second kidney after his body rejected his first transplant in 2020.

Derry left for Vancouver General Hospital on September 6, in time to undergo kidney removal surgery the next day.

His journey is documented by his family on the Cole’s Kidney Journey Facebook page.

“The next step towards the new kidney is to remove the old kidney to make room. You never know what you’ll find when they get in there. Fingers crossed for a smooth operation.” the family wrote on September 7.

Three days later, the family said Delhi was recovering well from the surgery, but on the night of September 9, he developed a fever and began hallucinating.

“It’s very difficult to see him like this. This happened during one of his last surgeries, so it’s a déjà vu for me,” his wife wrote.

Delhi’s recovery took another turn on 12 September with a possible bladder infection. Doctors didn’t know exactly what the problem was because her abdominal CT scan and chest X-ray showed nothing clearly. Derry was suspected of having a bladder infection because her kidney was removed and she had no renal function.

“He has a fever on and off and is quite paranoid. He hallucinates every time he closes his eyes and sometimes doesn’t even know who he’s talking to.”

After a difficult day, Derry’s symptoms have finally eased and Derry and his family have returned home to Lambie, according to the latest update on Tuesday, September 20.

“After spending the last few weeks it feels great to be in my own home. “

The family nervously awaits a call from the surgeon confirming the date of the transplant.

“I am thrilled that this transplant will come to fruition, but I am afraid that I may have similar complications next time. “Thank you to everyone who has supported us and sent us blessings over the past two weeks. We are so grateful to each and every one of you for continuing our journey.” I have.”

Brendan Sikora

HealthNorth Okanagan Regional District

Lambieman’s Kidney Journey Moves Forward – Vernon Morning Star

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