Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Have a Stunning Wedding in Italy: Photo

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are married — again! They exchanged with me the same month the couple legally tied a knot at the California Courthouse. This time at an Italian castle in front of family and friends.

Courtney’s long race train swelled behind her as she was preparing to say “I do” at the velvet altar in the Brown Castle in Portofino.

Courtney and Chris.Photo: Back grid
— Back grid

The intricate veil is adorned with flowers and looks like a portrait of Madonna. This is what Courtney is playing sports throughout her wedding weekend. Kneeling on a decorated altar chair, Travis wore a dark gray suit.

Courtney went down the stairs of an Italian castle by his mother, Kris Jenner, who wore a gown fringed with blushing feathers. The front of Courtney’s dress shows that the oldest Kardashian chose a short gown with a corset bodice and lace overlays. Courtney took the opportunity to put on her hair and secure her long veil to the crown of bread.

Wearing a black tie as usual, Travis posed in the photo while waiting for the bride at the bottom of the steps at Brown Castle.

Travis Barker.Photo: Back grid
Travis Barker.Photo: Back grid

A longtime friend first caused rumors of romance last year. Ten months later, they got engaged.

The Italian ceremony was the third wedding of Courtney and Travis. They first stood on the altar in April, when they held a late-night ceremony in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas wedding was not legally binding, and one source told ET that “it was fun and somewhat voluntary prior to the actual wedding this spring.”

The following month, they legalized things by formally tying a knot at the county courthouse in Santa Barbara, California.

“Courtney and Travis are now legally married, but we plan to have a big wedding on another occasion,” a source told ET. “This was a smaller, more discreet event to officialize their wedding. There were several families at this event and they were photographed.”

According to witnesses, guests at the ceremony included Courtney’s maternal grandmother, MJ Campbell, and Travis’ father, Randy Barker.

“They posed in a black convertible with a rattling can behind them, with a sign of’just married’,” witnesses said. “Then they got out of the car and personally walked towards the courthouse. It seemed very modest and there weren’t many people around. They had their own cameras and crew. I had a set. “

Following the California ceremony, one source told ET that the couple “can’t wait for the wedding celebration” in Italy.

“At Courtney’s big wedding, the whole family will be there and on top of it,” another source said of the Italian wedding. “She is very excited. It will be a bigger moment with all her sisters, family, friends in Italy, and Travis’ family and friends. They will have a fun and funky family together. Courtney’s family is excited about her over the moon. “

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Have a Stunning Wedding in Italy: Photo

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