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Korea’s Yoon apologizes for Halloween fuss ‘unspeakable tragedy’ – National

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol on Monday apologized for the deadly Halloween crash in Seoul, called for holding officials found responsible for the sloppy response, and reforming police and safety management systems. promised.

A crash on October 29 killed 156 people, mostly in their 20s and 30s, as raucous people turned popular nightlife to celebrate the first coronavirus-induced curb-free Halloween festivities in three years. A further 197 people were injured as they rushed into the narrow alleys of the district of Itaewon.

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South Korea in shock after Halloween stampede kills at least 150

Yoon offered an apology at a meeting reviewing safety rules as the country continues to mourn the crushing victims.

“I can’t compare with a parent who lost a son or daughter, but as a president who has to protect the lives and safety of the people, my heart breaks,” he said.

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“I am sorry and sorry to the bereaved families who have suffered an unspeakable tragedy, and to those who share the pain and grief.”

Police have faced intense public criticism and scrutiny over their response during the tragedy, and have deployed 137 officers to the area despite having previously estimated that as many as 100,000 people would gather. .

Records of several emergency calls made in the hours leading up to the accident last week showed people warning of a possible crash and prompting intervention.

Yun initially attributed the poor response of the authorities to flaws in the country’s crowd control and safety regulations. However, following the call recording report, he harshly reprimanded the police and apologized to the victims and the wider audience.

Click to play video: 'Witnesses describe South Korea's deadly Halloween stampede as 'out of control''

Witnesses describe ‘out of control’ Korean Halloween dead crowd

At Monday’s safety meeting, he vowed to overhaul the country’s safety management system, conduct a thorough investigation, and hold accountable for the failure.

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“In particular, we need a drastic reform of police work, which is indispensable for protecting public safety, preparing for danger, and preventing accidents,” Yoon said.

(Reporting by Shin Hyun-hee, Editing by Kenneth Maxwell)

Korea’s Yoon apologizes for Halloween fuss ‘unspeakable tragedy’ – National

Source link Korea’s Yoon apologizes for Halloween fuss ‘unspeakable tragedy’ – National

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