Kitissippi: Fitzgerald — dreaming of good governance for Ottawa

People want the Ottawa City Council to represent residents, not developers, and work in a nonpartisan and collaborative way to serve the city as a whole.

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The Citizen invited candidates to share their thoughts in the October 24 local elections.

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Listening to Kitschippi residents provides insight into their concerns about poor governance at City Hall and their hopes for a sustainable, innovative and inclusive vision for the city.

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Many residents have lost faith in the city’s governance due to the LRT’s continued unreliability and revelations from the LRT’s investigation of incompetent decision-making and lack of transparency. They are outraged that some politicians take developer-backed funds and appear to be acting in the interests of developers rather than residents. They are dismayed to see the City Council torn by factionalism and unable to act in the best interests of all Ottawa residents.

They want the council to represent residents, not developers, and work in a nonpartisan and collaborative way that serves the interests of the city as a whole.

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Residents are concerned about the housing affordability crisis. This affects everyone in different ways and contributes to stress and anxiety. They don’t like to be taxed, “refurbished” or “evicted” from their homes. They are exhausted from having to rally opposition to multiple high-rise apartment projects.

Others are experiencing years of upheaval, with boarded-up houses and construction pits turning into gaping cavities on streets once occupied by affordable rental units. Many residents who work from home but cannot afford to relocate are exposed to the cacophony of never-ending construction work all day long.

Residents are keen to take action on climate change at the local and individual levels, but they are criticizing cities that, despite declaring a climate emergency, are doing business as if climate change isn’t real. I am dissatisfied with living here. Residents are embracing the intensification, allowing more people to use public transport and enjoying the ’15 Minutes City’ aspect with active transport. But they also understand that the intensification has taken a heavy toll in terms of worsening and dangerous traffic (because many people still rely on cars). Unimaginable, unreachable skyscrapers and infill construction. Dysfunction of road and storm sewage infrastructure. Shade, permeable ground, and green space are lost for no tangible benefit.

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Residents want a better neighborhood separated from commuter traffic, including more shade, sports facilities, community gardens, accessible children’s parks, dog parks, and safe and attractive walking and bike paths for a growing population. prefers more densely packed, inclusive and affordable neighborhoods with public facilities of . means that collaborative and innovative approaches to both financing and construction must be adopted to facilitate For example, encouraging developers and architects to use sustainable construction materials and techniques can contribute to the development of innovative, green and circular local economies.

Residents believe that city politicians provide good governance and embrace collaborative decision-making to make Ottawa a vibrant, sustainable, innovative, inclusive and affordable world-class city. I hope to Developers must become allies in realizing this ambitious vision. Imagine what Ottawa would be like if we inspired everyone to realize a vision that was spectacular, sustainable and livable.

Unner Fitzgerald (BFA LLB LLM SJD MBA), Counselor Candidate, Kitschippi.

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Kitissippi: Fitzgerald — dreaming of good governance for Ottawa

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