Kim Kardashian testifies that he does not want Black China for “Kardashian Family Fuss”

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Kim Kardashian was determined not to let Blac Chyna appear in “Kardashian Family Fuss”.

The 41-year-old founder of SKIMS stood at a witness stand in the LA Superior Court on Tuesday to testify about her frustration with Black China in the Keeping Up with the Kardashian Family. The friction arose from the debate between Rob and China, who allegedly became physical in December 2016. Rob accused China of hitting him with a metal pole and pointing his gun at him.

Kim commented after China’s lawyer Lynn Ciani sent a text message between the reality star and the producer of “KUWTK.” Cina’s face. But at least according to one of the text messages she wrote, Kim didn’t have it. I’m very confused. This is just not happening. I can’t believe no one listens to us and no one respects us. It’s just not happening. “

Xiani read another text from Kim. There she expressed more frustration with China talking to people about “KUWTK”.

“Okay, I don’t know what to do at this point, but the level of contempt is unrealistic,” Kim’s text read. “Chyna said she has her to everyone [our] Shaw and she went to join the dream ears with Rob on the camera today.We specifically discussed this and said Chyna should never participate [our] Since it’s a show, Chyna doesn’t attend our show, so I think we all need to take a break from shooting for a while until you understand what you’re trying to do. She was crying all day because she was filming the only reason she appeared, so if you want to attend a show starring Cynas, she has to stop filming and wrap her head. I think there is. So if you don’t intend to listen to us, you can shoot with Rob and China and you’ll lose the rest of Cardassian and Jenner. “

Kim testified that she was just trying to manage expectations because it was their show and China was neither a member of the family nor a member of the cast. Kim also said that the Kardashian family’s turmoil affected the network, pointing to the text message Kim wrote, “If you don’t listen to us.” Overturned the claim. , Voice frustration, but ultimately Rob and Cina’s show’s fate was only a network decision.

Kim also testified about what happened on the night when China allegedly attacked Rob in December 2016. Kim also remembered that Rob was very emotional and he was very red and puffy after she saw his face following a suspicious quarrel. She also added that he looked exhausted and exhausted.

Chloe provided similar testimony, stating that she had left town on the night of the incident, but remembered Face Timing Rob and saw a dent in his neck.

Chloe said he didn’t know exactly when the FaceTime call was made, but it happened shortly after the physical conflict. Chloe’s lawyer presented Chloe with an email sent to network executives following the alleged quarrel that Chloe wrote. That is our feeling. Chloe said he sent an email because he wasn’t happy with the abuse that Rob was alleged to have endured.

Chloe said, “I wasn’t trying to cancel anything,” after Siani sent those emails. Chloe explained that she was only trying to discourage the volatile behavior between China and her brother. Chloe said she believes she is not part of such toxicity, or does not advance such toxicity.

Chloe reiterated that writing to network executives wasn’t an attempt to cancel Season 2 of “Rob & Chyna,” but rather raising concerns about writing so that producers would notice an unstable relationship. The co-founder of Good American reiterated: That doesn’t mean they’re going to listen to us. She also pointed out testimony provided by network executives who claimed that the Kardashian family’s turmoil had no control over which show was going on. She claims that Cina killed the Kardashian family’s turmoil in a $ 100 million proceeding as a form of “vengeance” for leaving Rob.

Sister Kardashian’s testimony took place the day after Kylie Jenner took the position of a witness and testified about past threats of China and allegations of Rob’s abuse.

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Kim Kardashian testifies that he does not want Black China for “Kardashian Family Fuss”

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