Kids Research Institute begins expansion

Toronto – Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) is about to begin construction in the latest phase of expansion. The project is funded by a $ 32 million fundraising campaign that began in 2018, thanks to a $ 4 million launch donation from Jason Smith and Heather Smith.

Additional work will begin later this month and is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2022.

“We are at the forefront of fundamental changes in the way we conduct pediatric disability research,” said Tom Chau, Vice President of Research and BRI Director at Holland Bull Abue. “Thanks to the generous donors and supporters of the Grow Holland Bloorview Research campaign, the expansion of this research can unleash a world of new possibilities and affect more children and families around the world.”

The addition of 11,000 square feet on two floors creates critical space for new discovery hubs and space for additional research scientists and state-of-the-art research equipment.

As part of the second phase of the ongoing expansion, the 17,000-square-foot space on the fourth floor of the hospital will rethink BRI’s research space and create a modern work environment with few corridors and walls. Researchers work in an innovative and open layout that provides ample opportunity for both concentration and collaboration.

In addition to private and team workspaces, there is a larger collaborative discovery hub, an interdisciplinary work area that supports research in key areas such as machine learning, music and arts, neural regulation, and rapid prototyping. Mobile technology allows researchers to work in all areas.

The core elements of expanding three-phase research are as follows.

  • Immersive, customizable, child-friendly, fully accessible installation of Canada’s first research MRI suite. This in turn supports the growth of world-class developmental neuroscience programs.
  • Attract the best scientific talent – ​​brings the world’s most important concentration of pediatric disability research.
  • Create 9 new discovery hubs.And
  • Accelerate commercialization to unleash the potential of BRI’s scientific discoveries and bring it to children, adolescents and families around the world.

As part of the first phase of the project, a fully accessible playground was also built on the west side of the hospital, allowing construction workers to begin preparing additional sites.

Once the research expansion is complete, BRI will be able to reach the critical mass of pediatric disability research, diversifying the depth and breadth of research companies and benefiting all children and families with disabilities.

“This refurbishment will consolidate different research disciplines into one open and accessible work environment and will be exhibited in a three-story courtyard,” said Gow Hastings Architects, the architectural firm used to design the research extension. Said Philip Hastings, a partner at. “The colorful, elevated two-story building expands the research space towards the canyon and raises the profile of hospitals in the community.”

The elevated wings overlook the surrounding canyons, optimizing landscape views and access to natural light. The exterior is decorated with multi-colored glazing that follows a natural uplifting gradation from green to purple. As it emerges into the three-story aerial, the additional underside forms a brightly illuminated canopy. A vibrant outdoor space is created beneath it for clients, families and the Holland Bloorview community.

The wings are connected to the 4th floor of the BRI by a “front porch”. This is a cozy area where researchers, clients, families and staff can interact.

“Holland Bloorview has had a huge impact on the lives of our families. Giving back gives all children with disabilities and medical complexity access to the latest research and technology to live their lives to the fullest. It helps to be able to do it, “says the donor. Jason is the Executive Chair of Real Matters and the next chair of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. Heather has been volunteering to influence the entire hospital for almost a decade.

“Holland Bloorview is poised to be the most focused research center for people with disabilities in the world, working on real-world solutions to the challenges faced by children and families. Encourage people to do the same. “

Kids Research Institute begins expansion

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