Kidoodle.TV® is proud to #ClearTheList at Rugel Elementary in Mesquite, Texas. The Canadian Business Journal

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kidoodle.TV® (owned by A Parent Media Co. Inc.) cleared second grade teacher Danielle Tresslar’s list of We are proud to have satisfied you. Her Amazon Wishes for the upcoming school year cleared her entire list — the company is giving her Amazon gift cards to all 18 of her other classrooms at her Rugel Elementary School in Mesquite, Texas, I also cleared her school-wide list.

The school’s principal, Dr. Amanda Walker, acknowledged the impact it has had on students and expressed sincere gratitude. “Each year, teachers find themselves using their own money to buy supplies and books for their students. It went above and beyond to clear the list of teachers in our classrooms.”

A Parent Media Co., Ltd. (“APMC“) was ambitious to clear the school-wide list and, with the help of Dr. Walker, surprised teachers and students at an event held at Rugel Elementary School on August 11, 2022. 350 students.”They recognize the need and step in to help. The impact they have had goes beyond the tangible [it] It will change your life for the better,” said Dr. Walker.

This year, APMC made participation in the nationwide #ClearTheList campaign a top priority. “We are fortunate that families around the world have chosen to make Kidoodle.TV part of their daily lives, so we are proud to give back to a community in need,” said the president. says Neil Gruninger. Chief Product Officer of APMC.

The #ClearTheList movement aims to raise awareness of classroom supply shortages in schools across the country, while also recognizing and reaching out to deserving teachers in America’s education through the fulfillment of Amazon wishlists. increase.

“We understand that having the right tools for success in the classroom is an essential part of helping children feel safe and fostering personal growth. , we can extend our passion for keeping children safe beyond the digital environment,” added Gruninger.

Mrs. Tresslar’s note, which caught Kidoodle.TV’s attention, read:

“I work in a Title 1 district where 90% of students are below the poverty line. All students are served free breakfast and lunch! I don’t have one, so I end up buying things to use in class, and I always need pencils, exposition markers, and books to add to the little library in the classroom.”

Classroom teachers spend a lot of money each year on classroom supplies. In recent years, the teacher has taken to her Amazon to publish her class wishlist online for parents and donors to contribute and ease the financial burden. As a purpose-driven organization, the Kidoodle.TV team is encouraged to join us in supporting teachers and students and applaud the #ClearTheList campaign for its commendable efforts.

Other APMC initiatives include donating 60 million ad impressions annually to organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation that benefit the health and well-being of children.

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Kidoodle.TV® is proud to #ClearTheList at Rugel Elementary in Mesquite, Texas. The Canadian Business Journal

Source link Kidoodle.TV® is proud to #ClearTheList at Rugel Elementary in Mesquite, Texas. The Canadian Business Journal

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