Kenya’s presidential election is important.This is why – National

Kenyans will vote on Tuesday to select the successor to President Uhuru Kenyatta. The race is just around the corner, and for the first time ever there may be a runoff vote.

One of the frontrunners is former rival Kenyatta-backed opposition leader Laila Odinga, who is running for the presidency for the fifth time. Another was William Root, Kenyatta’s vice-president, who fell out with the president early in his decade in power.

Both tend to focus more on domestic issues, raising the question of how to follow up on Kenyatta’s diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions between neighboring Ethiopia and Rwanda and Congo.

Kenya is the economic center of East Africa and is home to approximately 56 million people. The country has a recent history of tumultuous elections. Still, some elections have been seriously challenged, with longtime leaders such as Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame and Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni being declared winners with nearly 99% of the vote or widely criticized. The relative stability in regions with Physically crack down on your competitors.

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There is no transparency in campaign donations and spending in Kenya. Some candidates for Congress and other posts are estimated to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, both legally and illegally, to gain access to power and its benefits.

What are the main candidate platforms?

Ruto, 55, markets himself to the young and poor as a “hustler” who rose from his humble beginnings as a chicken seller, as opposed to elites like Kenyatta and Odinga. He calls for increased agricultural productivity and financial inclusion. Agriculture is the main driver of Kenya’s economy, with around 70% of the rural workforce employed in agriculture.

Odinga, 77, famously imprisoned decades ago while fighting for multi-party democracy, is one of Kenya’s poorest and committed to providing more affordable health care to all. I promised.

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What do voters care about?

Mr Odinga and Mr Ruto have long oscillated between presidential candidates, and there has been a degree of indifference among Kenyans, especially among the country’s younger generation, where the median age is around 20. increase. Hope is only 2.5 million.

Major issues in every election include rampant corruption and the economy. Kenyans have been hit hard by rising food and fuel prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it comes after the economic woes of the COVID-19 pandemic. more than 1 of him is unemployed.

When will Kenya win?

Official results will be announced within a week of voting. To win outright, a candidate must win more than half of all votes and at least 25% of the vote in more than half of her 47 counties in Kenya. If there is no outright winner, this means a runoff vote will be held within 30 days.

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The last presidential election in 2017 made history when the Supreme Court overturned the results and ordered a new vote for the first time in Africa. If the Court again requests a new ballot, such election shall be held within 60 days of the decision. A candidate or other person must file a petition with the court within one week after the results are declared, and the court will give him two weeks to rule on it.

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Kenya’s presidential election is important.This is why – National

Source link Kenya’s presidential election is important.This is why – National

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