Kenyan police arrest suspect for Agnes Jebeto’s murder

Criminal Investigation Bureau-Kenya tweeted that it was arrested on Thursday Ibrahim RotichFleeed on suspicion of murder Agnes Jebeto, One of the top runners nationwide at her home in Iten. Tyrup was found dead on Wednesday and had multiple puncture wounds on his abdomen. The 25-year-old is a two-time world 10,000m bronze medalist and 2015 World Cross Country Champion.

2019 World 10,000m bronze medalist found dead at home

Police previously reported that they were looking for Tyrup’s husband. Emmanuel Ibrahim Kipreting. The suspect in custody is believed to be the same person, but he is described as “related” to Tyrup. He was arrested in Changhamwe, Mombasa County, at least 750 km from Iten.

Early on the day he was arrested, Rotich crashed a car into a truck on the Galana River southeast of Nairobi in an attempt to escape, according to a tweet from DCI Kenya. He is expected to be charged with Tyrup’s murder.

Tyrup was the second youngest person in history to win the World Cross Country Championships after South Africa. Zola Budd. She won the bronze medal at 10,000m in the 2017 and 2019 World Championships and finished fourth at 5,000m on behalf of Kenya at the Tokyo Olympics this summer.Just a month ago, Tyrop Breaking the record for only 10km for girls in Germany, 30:01 to break the previous record in 28 seconds.

Kenyan police arrest suspect for Agnes Jebeto’s murder

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