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Kenyan marathoner Emmanuel Saina faces three-year doping ban

One of Kenya’s top marathoners, Emmanuel Sainasanctioned with a three-year ban from the competition for doping, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced Monday.

Saina set a personal best of 2:05:21 at the 2018 Buenos Aires International Marathon (and also set a South American All-Comers record), making Saina the 16th fastest marathon runner in the world that year. In his marathon in Rotterdam 2021, he finished in his 2:05:51, placing him 40th in the world. Saina won his marathon in 2021 Honolulu where he won 2:05:21. Canadian Olympian Lanny Merchant Won the women’s division.

The AIU requested out-of-competition samples from athletes in late August, which were found to be positive for metabolites contained in 19-nolandrosterone (19-NA). Nandrolone.

The AIU notified Saina in early September of the sample discovery and World Anti-Doping Agency rule violation. Saina was also informed of his rights in this situation. This includes the option to plead guilty and automatically have his four-year sentence reduced by one year. AIU received a form of Admission and Acceptance of Results signed by Saina on September 17th.

Buenos Aries Marathon.Photo: Wikicommons

Saina’s early hospitalization reduced his sentence by one year and gave him a three-year period of ineligibility starting September 9, 2022, and his outcome after August 17, 2022 would be disqualification. Titles, awards, medals, point awards, performance money. Saina waived her right to court or to appeal.

Performance-enhancing nandrolone, a former American Olympian Shelby Houlihan Houlihan challenged her ban, claiming the substance came from the pig’s guts contained in the burrito she ate the day before her out-of-competition test.

CAS did not accept her explanation and upheld the AIU’s charges. Houlihan also submitted her hair test and lie detector test, both of which supported her innocence, but these were found to be insufficient.

Kenyan marathoner Emmanuel Saina faces three-year doping ban

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