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Three of Kelowna’s five mayoral candidates will participate in a housing affordability debate hosted by the Canadian Association of Home Builders Central Okanagan (CHBA-CO).

Colin Basran, Tom Dyas, and David Habib, in collaboration with the Association of Interior Realtors, will discuss this topic on Thursday, October 13th. Candidates Glendon Smedley and Silverado Socrates were invited, but did not respond, according to CHBA-CO.

“These elections are especially important,” said CHBA-CO President Darren Witt. “Local politicians not only tax tens of thousands of dollars of new homes before the shovel hits the ground, they set growth boundaries that directly affect land prices. talent can no longer afford to live here, housing will become even more expensive for everyone, and it will take more time to build a house.

CHBA-CO is also launching the Central Okanagan Vote 2022 website to help residents understand how local politicians can influence housing costs in their area.

This site features issues related to the impact of housing costs at the local level and shares survey responses from candidates in the Central Okanagan.

“More than 70% of British Columbians want more action from their local governments on housing affordability issues,” said CHBA-CO Executive Director Daniel Weiner. “We are the fastest growing region in Canada and have not approved enough housing to keep up with demand.”

Today, the average Okanagan single-family home benchmark price is over $1.1 million.

“CHBA-CO encourages all Okanagan residents to research, get involved, and vote for candidates who support progressive housing policies in their community,” said Winer. “If we don’t exercise our right to vote, housing will be out of reach for the average citizen.”

For more information, visit the Central Okanagan Vote 2022 website.

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Affordable Housing Kelowna City Mayor’s Race

Kelowna Mayoral Candidates Discuss Housing Affordability – Kelowna Capital News

Source link Kelowna Mayoral Candidates Discuss Housing Affordability – Kelowna Capital News

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