“Kardashian”: Courtney’s daughter Penelope cries after learning about her mother’s engagement with Travis Barker

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Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter did not hear the news of her mother’s engagement well. In the latest episode of “The Adventures of the Kardashian Family,” Travis Barker asked a reality star a question and surprised her with a gathering of her loved ones after her engagement.

Mason (12 years old), Penelope (9 years old), and Rain (7 years old) were three children that Courtney shared with former Scott Disick. However, the children of Travis — Alabama (16 years old) and Landon (18 years old) — were at hand for the festival.

“This is correct because it was really difficult for all of us to lie to Scott and pretend to be false and take him here,” said Kris Jenner. I was asked a question that I told the group when I was there.

But Courtney was angry that the kids weren’t there and told the camera: Like some of the surprises, I think they made me feel more included in the type of decision. I know my mother made that decision, and it was probably not her best. “

When they were absent, Courtney tried to get in touch with each of her children, starting with a FaceTime call to her only daughter who cried when she heard the news.

“Penelope did his best,” Courtney said in a confession. “I think it’s a big change for her. She loves Travis, but I don’t know what that means. Does it take me away? She doesn’t know what it means. think.”

Meanwhile, the reign declared the news “not exciting.” As for Mason, Courtney was initially unable to contact her eldest daughter. After she talked to her children, she lamented Penelope’s reaction to the news while Courtney was talking to her sister.

“I think they have lost their father,” Khloe Kardashian theorized. “I don’t think they’ve lost their mother. They think their dad is gone and you’re replacing him. When you’re a kid, you choose one I think I have to. [Penelope’s] The reaction is of course okay, but there is nothing wrong with Travis. “

Chloe then sought to make Courtney’s outlook by talking about how she and her brother felt after Chris married Caitlyn Jenner after divorcing his father Robert Kardashian.

“It’s the same way you felt [Caitlyn]”Courtney said. “There was nothing wrong with it. [Caitlyn].. “

“Once my dad [Caitlyn]I took a deep breath and felt that it became easier to get close to [Caitlyn] get along with [her] Courtney told her sister before adding the confession, “I think it’s really important for Scott to accept our relationship so that the kids feel better.”

After the party, Chloe visited Scott to hear how he and Courtney’s kids were dealing with everything.

“They were upset. They didn’t understand why they were looking at his kids TikToks there, and they weren’t there,” he admitted. “… I personally say,” If you get engaged 50 minutes away, “someone gets in the car and drives the kids here.” [Penelope] It would have been ecstatic. We are acting so that the place is 10 hours away. “

Regarding how Scott felt, he told Chloe: I don’t want to get rid of children and family problems, including what we usually do. I just don’t want to lose the dynamics of having everyone. “

Chloe left Scott’s house, filled Courtney with their conversation, and encouraged her sister to discuss things with her ex.

“I’m sensitive to Scott and his feelings,” Courtney said in a confession. “One day we will all get along. We should. Children will feel it. That is the most important thing.”

A new episode of “The Kardashians” will be broadcast every Thursday on Hulu and Disney +.

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“Kardashian”: Courtney’s daughter Penelope cries after learning about her mother’s engagement with Travis Barker

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